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  1. sunbby

    1967 Series V for sale $2499

    The linkage is a bit rigged up, maybe I'll add a picture near the pedal. It is a cable cobbled to the end of the existing pedal lever and runs in that white tube. But it has been reliable and have not had trouble with it in the many years I've owned the car. I did cleanup the carb-to carb...
  2. sunbby

    1967 Series V for sale $2499

    I’ve decided it’s time to sell my late ’67 Series V driver and get back to working on my original Alpine. Bought in 2014 I’ve worked on this car a bit, sorting some issues, and using as a fun driver. It is solid as rust goes but has some significant accident and abuse damage. However, the...
  3. sunbby

    Clock in an Alpine ?

    just an FYI, Ian wrote an article about the clocks available in various Alpines, available in the Articles Archives section on the home page. http://sunbeamalpine.org/2007/10/24/the-smiths-electric-clock/
  4. sunbby


    It looks like some of the images and references didn't migrate, sorry about that. I thought that worked when we did the test, I'll try to figure out what happened; but at this point you'll probably have to redo it.
  5. sunbby

    Just noticed a lack of "Members" listed on the new site...

    So the Members screen can be sorted by those tabs at top. The Default is Notable/Most Messages, which lists members in order of how many posts they've made. If you choose Most Points it's a different list. If you Choose Most Likes there's nobody because we didn't use Likes on our old forum so...
  6. sunbby

    How to get back to "Home"?

    OK, I changed the home destination to be the main website. Try it out now. I debated whether people thought Home would take you to the base of the forums or the website, since they're not as integrated as they were before. I can see where it's nice to have the Home go to the main site though...
  7. sunbby

    Site will be down over the weekend

    OK. We're back. We have migrated the forum to our new software and turned it loose! Hopefully it will be fairly seamless.
  8. sunbby

    Alpine project for sale in Arkansas

    I never heard back from Bud either way, but he was clearing out his brother's house. Assuming he sold it.
  9. sunbby

    vin numbers

    If you're looking for Tiger VIN information you need Norman Miller's site/registry: http://www.rootes1.com/
  10. sunbby

    Guess what?

    Happy Birthday Bill!
  11. sunbby

    Paul Scofield RIP

    you need to use president@sunbeamalpine.org
  12. sunbby

    Sad news

    The only forum restricted is the SAOCA Members and Discussion Forum, which only allows Posts by donating members. We use this sub forum for SAOCA voting and such, that's why it was restricted. Not sure everyone knows that. Maybe it's something to revisit.
  13. sunbby

    Alpine project for sale in Arkansas

    Bud said someone may be interested. Not sure if it's a forum member or not. He's looking for advice on pricing. I know it's hard without seeing all the details. For me a good solid body is worth more than a rusty project with good mechanical bits. But it is an incomplete non-running car...
  14. sunbby

    Alpine project for sale in Arkansas

    Bud sent a photo. Looks nice. Does look like all body work done and ready for assembly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_l1DBFDf9ONR1o0MllVR1hmT0pwSzBqSXU0OW81QjRiQ0pV/view?usp=sharing
  15. sunbby

    Alpine project for sale in Arkansas

    passing on an email. If anyone is interested I can connect you. Do we have anyone in the area who might check it out and help Bud? -------------------------------------- My brother, who lived in Rogers, Arkansas, was in the process of restoring a Sunbeam Alpine from the mid-1960s when he...
  16. sunbby

    Alpine Shooting Brake?

    That's hilarious. Obviously a bastion of Sunbeam authority. :rolleyes: Maybe they should update their internet web crawler algorithm to ignore items posted on a certain date?
  17. sunbby

    Another...Alpine in the Alpines

    passing on an email from a non-member ------------------------- Maybe let the OP know that the rockers are solid, floor pans have very minor rust break through - and if wanted can send more detailed pictures of those areas through email so you can post if wanted. It happens to be my...
  18. sunbby

    “Brits By The River†- Delaware City

    Would you be able to share this information with your members? Cheers, Sue Henderson The British Car Club of Delaware will once again be holding its “Brits By The River” show in historic downtown Delaware City on Sept.16,2017. Open to all makes, models and years of British vehicles. This year...
  19. sunbby

    1000 mile trip

    Glad you have some good weather for your journey. You and Chuck's family certainly have my thoughts and well wishes with you.