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    The "LOVE BUG" Alpine gets some Love

    My early series two has the fender mounted reservoir and cowl mounted prop rod just like this. B9103067 manufactured Feb 61.
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    New Alpine Owner - Window Crank

    There may also be a square cut piece of rubber in the bottom of the crank hole which keeps pressure on the pin. Tapping out the pin with a punch may crack the handle boss if you don't relieve this pressure by pushing in on the handle as well.
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    Fun Alpine Pictures

    Love this !!
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    Fun Alpine Pictures

    Posing for pics this summer.
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    BHJ pulley on a 1592 ?

    Thanks for the reply ,pics, and assurances.
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    BHJ pulley on a 1592 ?

    The BHJ hamonic balancer is listed in their catalogue as fitting all Series except series 1, I thought series 5 had a deeper dish pulley. Is this pulley usable on my early series 2, B103067?
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    brake reservoir factory finish

    What is the correct factory finish for an early Series 2 fender mounted brake reservoir?
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    factory markings

    I thought I would share pics of some drivetrain markings on my car that I believe were made during initial assembly. The letter "A" on the block could possibly be the grade of the bores - "A" was standard. I have no idea what the 16 on the gearbox would indicate.
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    series 11 "y" pipe

    Thanks for your answer. I want to send that piece and my original headers to jet- hot this winter. thanks again. Tim.
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    series 11 "y" pipe

    Hi, does anyone know if the "y" pipe sold by SS is an accurate reproduction of the original - ie triangular in shape, and made with a top and bottom plate welded together - does it look original ? Tim.
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    oil cooler adapter

    Thanks for your reply. It appears you are right - different part #'s for adapter plates and gaskets. I removed my filter base and I think I can see the difference in the casting - guess I will have to make up my own gasket to put it back on. I was hoping this could help with engine cooling, but...
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    oil cooler adapter

    HI, does anyone know if a series 5 oil cooler adapter plate will fit under a stock series 2 oil filter - I want to retain the original cannister type oil filter setup. Tim.