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    electric fan temp sender location

    Thanks, kind of what I was thinking, I have an alloy adapter for the top hose, just not much room to work with and it needs a bit of modification. I will stick to that as I want this to work, that port in the head was just so tempting.
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    electric fan temp sender location

    Hello all, I am installing an electric radiator fan to the SV. My car has the port at the back of the head for the added water passage as on the earlier series, I had it tapped to a standard thread when I had the head done. The question is, the temp sending unit will thread in to this...
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    Steering relay bracket

    Oh joy, many of us now use grease in the steering box as they are a bit prone to leaks, I have gone this way and did not notice any difference, grease is pretty much just thick oil after all. Have fun with the rebuild and watch those shims.
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    Series V Fuel Tank Bracket Bolts Color

    Mine are painted body color, I have a late SV
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    Steering relay bracket

    Hello, my SV was the opposite of yours, very loose. When you say "shims at both ends" it sounds as if it may have been tampered with in its past. Do you have the WSM 145 ? you can download the section you need from the Tech Data on this site. The relay lever assembly has a lot of special...
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    seat side plates - how are they held on!

    side plate Yes small screws at the front and rear. at least on the SV
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    Backup Light Wiring and Sheet Metal Shift Plate

    back up lights this switch also uses thin washers to set the distance of through. if you are having issues you may need to add or subtract washers ( they are very thin) to get the lights to illuminate. been there.
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    Drain hose ?

    As to the holes, on my SV the wires for the lamps are routed through a grommet in the center hole and the other two have rubber plugs. No idea if this is factory correct. Derek
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    odd turn signal function

    It was the grounds, cleaned up the clips and all is working now. So now I know that when a Sunbeam has any electrical issue start with the ground and go from there. Thanks all, Derek
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    odd turn signal function

    Hi, I am having a new issue, my right front turn indicator is flashing the running ( head lamp side) light instead of the flasher, the left works fine. I have checked the wiring diagram and it is wired correctly, of course I swapped them just to be sure. I have checked the switches and...
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    SV badge and surround support

    I am in need of the mounting bracket for the badge surround, mine has broken and in the process ejected the sunbeam badge so I am in need of that as well. SS does not have them, I checked. I could have the bracket welded and the badge is available in the UK but I am hoping for a simpler...
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    Wanted - Over-rider

    overrider Hi Paul, I have a box of SV over riders (5 plus the 4 on my car) and none have the plate welded to the back like shown in you photo, some have had the bolt welded to the over rider but I think this was a user mod to keep it from spinning I have one for you if you want it just let...
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    Hard top headliner bows

    Thanks Dan, When I get to the liner I am certain this will save a lot of time and anger. Derek
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    Hard top headliner bows

    Was organizing the garage a bit an bundled up the line bows fro a late top. Noticed that the ends are color coded, blue, yellow, red and green. Any idea what order they go in ? top resto down the road but would be good to know Thanks Derek
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    Windshield to body seal?

    In the slit in the seal, I used a bead of silicon as well in the slit. I live in very wet Oregon and use my car year round, no issues Derek
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    Need alignment shop nearPortland OR

    Gary, I used Hillyer'sTire & Wheel Center 2959 Silverton Rd NE Salem Or 503-364-9395 I live in Salem so it's close to me, they know how to align an old car that is not in some computer. They also checked my stock steel wheels for true and tweeked two of them a bit. This was in march of '09...
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    Alpine 5 clutch problem

    A common re assembly error is to put the slave back on the wrong side of the bell housing making the throw too short...I hope it is this simple for you Derek
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    Delta Cam Delta Camshaft 2366 Tacoma Ave, Tacoma WA 98402 253-83-4152 www.deltacam.com They are fast, reasonable and know our cars, not a small feat had my rockers ground and my cam checked ( it was a delta but I did not know what grind) FYI the "K" in the KB, KC etc. is for Kastner...
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    Difficult running when cold

    I chased this same issue around last year. Fiddled around with the carb, fuel pump, timing and just about everything else until I finally just changed the coil and cured the problem. I have SV, crane xr700, weber 32/36.
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    Is the motor shot??

    Mike, sorry to see your trouble. I pulled and rebuilt the SV last winter so if you need anything give me a call. It's not hard, but I would not want to mess with putting the oil pan back on in the car unless I really had to. Derek