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  1. phyrman


    Pull lock out, record lock number and contact Triple C and they will send you a perfect replacement
  2. phyrman

    Front end Alignment

    Nice MacGyver-ing John
  3. phyrman

    Windscreens from Moss Motors

    "Pilkington" glass
  4. phyrman

    Bimini Top.

    I put a roll bar in my GT. I also have an old header bow..............:cool:
  5. phyrman

    Clock bezel

    I make an adaptor! looks clean. comes with a ring for behind the last to secure the clock PM me Bruce
  6. phyrman

    Finishing Bakelite?

    see if primer paint for bumpers works
  7. phyrman

    Aftermarket Clock adaptor

    Glad to hear! send a pic
  8. phyrman

    Aftermarket Clock adaptor

    LOL. true
  9. phyrman

    Aftermarket Clock adaptor

    Hi all. So if you are utilizing after-market gauges, finding a clock (or other gauge) that fits the 2 3/8" hole is impossible! So I made an adaptor that will allow fitting the clock (or other gauge) into the clock hole. Aluminum and can be painted, polished or whatever. I can do a run of these...
  10. phyrman

    Power Steering Failure

    A friend had a box failure with the power steering! The boxes are NOT strong enough for the added input power! BTW, I use "00" grease..... its liquid......
  11. phyrman

    Vented brake idea

    Sorry for the poor pictures The first pic shows the 11.75 in a 15x6" rim second pic older 10.25 in a 15x6" rim.......poor car has been sitting out the past 2.5 years
  12. phyrman

    Vented brake idea

    Im running 15". when I purchased the kit a couple years ago it was $1100. but my life is worth it!!!
  13. phyrman

    Vented brake idea

    One other option is to just order the front brake kit from Wilwood Complete kit including a new hub The big rotor kit is on my ser4 GT V6 car
  14. phyrman

    Vented brake idea

    My old ser5 V6 ran Maxima rotors machined to fit the front bus. A small spacer ring was needed as well. Also, spacers were made to widen the calipers. no other mods were needed. Dale Akuzuski came up with this many years ago
  15. phyrman

    recommended master cylinder

    Also, you will need a proper length pushrod. Summit Racing has great ones that you can cut down to the proper length
  16. phyrman

    recommended master cylinder

    Im using a Hyundai Pony dual outlet M/C sourced from Rock Auto doesn't come with the plastic reservoirs however, Tilton ones fit 13/16 and the outlets are on top. You will need the Sunbeam M/C spacer. Another V6 car I did years ago used the Tilton Resv
  17. phyrman

    How much interest in something like this

    Hey John, who made the switch bezels???
  18. phyrman

    One wire alternator?

    Mine is off a fork lift! Don't know the model tho Search RockAutos web site!
  19. phyrman

    2023 Calendar Status

    Get well !!!!