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    Radiator re-core vs. replace with aluminum

    Take a look at your temp gauge. They are not always accurate after 50 years. Bill
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    Voice From the Past

    Jose returned to the States. Was living in the Seattle area, but when moss started to grow on his legs, he decided he needed a drier climate. Moved to the south eastern corner of Washington. Very dry climate, but enough rain to raise wheat, I'm guessing probably about 20" of rain per year...
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    Voice From the Past

    Received a phone call from V6 Jose this afternoon. He is sounding hale and hearty, wanting to talk about an interaction from "The guy that had a picture of his Alpine going two ways". That would be Nick O'Dell. There were a lot of interactions with Nick, many of them a bit on the testy side...
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    Break Down and Starter Issue

    Where to position jackstands: I position mine where the front of the A arm meets the cross member. The stand is nestled in place and cannot slip, no damage has ensued over these many years. Bill
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    TE/AE United 41 August 15-18, 2024 West Lebanon, New Hampshire

    Yes, Robert took care of the situation as soon as he became aware of the problem. There should be 9 more rooms available. Many thanks, Robert. Bill
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    TE/AE United 41 August 15-18, 2024 West Lebanon, New Hampshire

    Eric, a bit of an problem. Called the Hotel, the block of rooms is sold out, regular rates ($183/night) apply. We can find other hotels for a bit over $100/night. We want to stay with the group, but not at a $300 premium. Any others with this difficulty? Bill
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    1963 Alpine listed on Facebook Marketplace

    Lot of work to be done, but a rust free shell is worth 1200 bucks. Bill
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    63 Alpine for sale

    Beautiful car for $$. Congratulations are in order and checking in with me. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The only fly in the ointment is that I'm a tad (or maybe a bunch) jealous. Bill
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    Alpine Sniper EFI Conversion

    Yes, the fuel injection can compensate for vacuum leaks, but the result is increased idle. Maybe compensate with ignition timing, but that starts you down a long road of unknowns encountered while going off idle. Fix the shafts and throttle bores and you have done most of the expensive work of...
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    Alpine Sniper EFI Conversion

    I don't see that use of old English carbies is a good idea as worn throttle shafts and carb bodies are the main culprits leading to carb swap. Bill
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    Handbrake System

    As it was explained to m. "The line lock depends upon hydraulic pressure to maintain the lock. As soon as the pressure drops, for any reason, the lock snaps open, releasing the brakes". Sort of an all or none brake. So no good as a parking brake. Bill
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    Torquing the Head After Break-In

    Speaking of doing a good job, don't forget stiction, which means it requires more torque to start movement than to continue movement. So to retorque, back each nut (or bolt) about a quarter turn, then in one smooth movement, retighten to the proper torque. Bill
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    Old Tire Problems

    Evidently, weird stuff happens to old tires. When I did a search a few years back, I ran into one that really stopped me. A guy had his "Old Girl" up on a frame hoist, found both front tires had done an automotive impression of molting, much like the photo above, overnight. The idea of...
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    Door Hinges

    Sounds like a first class rebuild is being offered. No where do I see any claims that the pictured hinge will fit an Alpine. Toward the end of the pictures, I do see a hinge that resembles an Alpine hinge. Bill
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    Suspension bushing replacement questions

    Looking for a "No rattle" fit, assemble with high strength Lok Tite, the red stuff. It has taken the place of their sleave lock material. Do a trial fit in one of the loosest fits, let set for a few hours and see it has filled the gap. Bill
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    SV V6 Restoration

    Really a looker. Congrats. As for having the project completed, it seems we never truly reach that point. There is always something that you suddenly wonder why you did it that way, or if something you just thought of might work better. In the worst cases, you decide maybe it would be best...
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    '63 Alpine For Sale

    And wish I was not 80+ years old. Incredible deal.
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    Labor hours for front suspension rebuild?

    I found I was unable to find a way to press out some of the bearing shells without bending the arms. So I cut through the shell with a hack saw, then pressed them out. Gotta be careful, but it makes an impossible job easy. Overall, I found the job to be exhausting. I in fact, after...
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    Gas Tank Repair/Sealant

    Acetone is an excellent degreaser, just remember to use it with good air flow, preferably outdoors and remember not to smoke. The alternatives are probably mineral spirits (leaves a oily residue) and soapy water (needs to be dried before it starts the rust problem). Seems like there are no...
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    DGV carb fuel boiling after shutoff

    Jeff, it ain't Stainless but just as good. Copper/Nickle brake line I believe comes is sizes up 5/16", maybe larger. This stuff should be your "go to" anytime you need tubing. Bill eff