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Recent content by V6 Mark

  1. V6 Mark

    V6 Jose's Hotmail Hacked?

    Hi Jose I just received a very suspicious looking email entitled `Sensual` - it doesn't look right so I wanted warn you and other guys that it might be a malicious hack and not to open it unless Jose confirms its really from him! Hope all is well.
  2. V6 Mark

    Why I'm not making progress with my conversion!

    This is kind of an apology to my friend Jose, but also an acknowledgement that `life` gets in the way sometimes! My Alpine still sits patiently in the garage and in the meantime I've grown a family and restored an old pram!
  3. V6 Mark

    Welding virgin - Butt or Lap?

    Thanks Tony
  4. V6 Mark

    Welding virgin - Butt or Lap?

    OOOh I like those MikeH I think on balance (whilst I need more practise first) I'll attempt the butt welds I'll keep you posted I'm waiting for quotes for the required panels from Sunbeam Spares Company over here in the UK. Its run by a guy called Brian Postle - I used to live fairly...
  5. V6 Mark

    Welding virgin - Butt or Lap?

    No it's not an Adult Entertainment DVD title... I'm assessing the body repairs needed on my car before I make progress with the V6 install. It needs several panel repairs (sills, wheel arch, radiator surround,lower wings). I'm wondering whether you experienceg guys would recommend I attempt...
  6. V6 Mark

    Front Valance / Welding

    I'm in the process of taking paint (and filler) back to metal (rust) in places where there is bubbling paint. My front valance is welded to the wings - but is held with filler/seam sealer under the indicators and to the inner grille sides. I'll be removing it to address some other issues...
  7. V6 Mark

    Electronic Tachometer Specialist

    Hi Chris Your problem is probably long since sorted - but I recall a guy called Paul Norton here in the UK was the guy to speak to re Tachs. Is this the slowest EVER response to a question? ;-) Best M
  8. V6 Mark

    Series 5 Overdrive Gearbox

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sunbeam-Alpine-Series-5-Overdrive-Gearbox-/320642485436?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aa7c80cbc I am selling this - I think shipping cost might make it too expensive for my transatlantic friends - but if you are interested please feel free to investigate...
  9. V6 Mark

    Solex/Weber DGV Manifold

    Hi Guys I have an original Solex manifold taken from my Series IV Alpine - which is now no longer required (V6 conversion in progress). As you probably know the Weber 32/36 bolts straight on (the Weber is now on my wifes Spitfire). I'd guess shipping to the US would be c$30 (but I will...
  10. V6 Mark

    V6 Marks 1964 Sunbeam Alpine V6 Project (UK)

    Hi guys - just thought I'd check in! Our daughter (Linnea) is now nearly 4 months old and is just delightful. I unexpectedly have the opportunity to spend some more time with her due to an illness which has knocked me off my feet and will keep me off work for the next few weeks (scepticemia...
  11. V6 Mark

    Alternator Upgrade - and wiring upgrade too?

    Hi all I just received an 80amp alternator which has the 3 spade plug fitting (which is all my faulty Lucas 101 had) - in addition to the 3 spage plug fitting it also has a terminal (and adjoining spade terminal) marked `B+` and another marked `W`. My original wiring uses all 3 spades for...
  12. V6 Mark

    Alternator - Jose's Kit

    Does anyone have a pic of Jose's alternaotr bracket mounted to the car (is it on the U.S. drivers side?) I recall it fits Delco (I have Lucas) but I can't quite see which bolt holes it uses in the block. I'd prefer to mount it on the US Passenger side if possible (my driver side) - originally...
  13. V6 Mark

    Must be a joke!

    Caveat Emptor Yes I agree we should let it drop - although it's frustrating to think another Sunbeam enthusiast somewhere will see his offerings and think `Humm he's asking $999 for that hood - maybe he'll take $750 if I make an offer` As my Grandma used to say `Caveat Emptor`, for those of...
  14. V6 Mark

    Must be a joke!

    LOL!!!! He already blocked me so unfortunately I was unable to make my offer of $2.19 "Unfortunately, this seller has decided that you are not permitted to place best offer on their listings. You may contact the seller via the Ask Seller Questions feature if you want additional details."
  15. V6 Mark

    Must be a joke!

    :rolleyes: oh...that would be bad..... I couldn't possibly....oh go on then... I'll do it if you will ;-)