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Recent content by Gary T

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    2023 Calendar Status

    Got my packet today. Great job, thanks.
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    WANTED: upper ball joint 1963 series 3 Ball Joint

    Fonz, I have the upper ball joint you are looking for and I am in Minnesota, not over the pond. Let me know if you want it.
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    WANTED: upper ball joint 1963 series 3 Ball Joint

    I sent you a private message, let me know if you are interested.
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    WANTED: heater blower switch for early Tigers and Alpines

    I have modified that Healey switch to replace the faulty and broken original switch for my Alpine Series II. Much better design than original.
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    S2 windshield seal

    I believe that Macgregor no longer lists the Series II windshield seal that was available a few years ago. I do not know of a good replacement, except as noted above the later Series windshield seal with careful trimming.
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    I bought mine from Macgregor British Car parts in Canada several years ago. I just checked his web site and it is no longer listed. I do not know of a replacement from other suppliers.
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    I also had the experience with my engine that had 4 rings installed with very little mileage when I got it, but when I took it apart I could see that the cylinders at the top indicated cross hatch hone marks, but in the ring area, the cylinders were shiny like chrome indicating to me lack of oil...
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    I would recommend that the Sunbeam Work Shop Manual be used to insure you have the correct pistons for your engine. Series I is 1494 cc and Series II through IV are 1595 cc and have at least 4 different diameters for the piston. The Manual does not include Series V 1725 cc engines. On page 38...
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    Won't Idle Properly

    If you had the distributor rebuilt by Advanced Distributor, did you note that the timing for the rebuilt unit is different than the stock unit, because the rebuild is designed for today's fuel. I had mine rebuilt by him and that was noted on the unit when I received it.
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    Flasher switch (series 2 / SII)

    There are two small springs located on the long screws that hold the wiper brush onto the clamp housing. This is an NOS switch, so I know they are correct. Hope this helps.
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    In need of Y pipe for series 1

    I sent PM for sale of new Y-pipe.
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    Brake Lines

    Thank you for the update on brake lines. I should have included in my response that this was based on my Series II Alpine.
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    Brake Lines

    Double flare fittings are used on the Alpine rear wheel cylinders steel input line while at the "Y" shaped T fittings use all bubble flares for each wheel cylinder as well as the rubber hose fitting on the third leg of this fitting. So that means the two rear brake line along the differential...
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    2022 Calendar arrived!

    I received my 2022 calendar today and I agree those cars are beautiful. I also like the variety and color selections and models chosen. Good job.
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    S2 wing door nut

    The chrome part is left and right D284 and D283 along with a sleeve nut (sometimes called a tube nut) with domed head and screw driver slot. Along with and flat washer and normal nut. Parts book only shows chrome parts with description of the other parts. Plate D Section YV. I found a...