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Recent content by Gary T

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    Door Closing Pads

    They are made of thin sheet metal and have a small radius edge that is not necessary for a new part. I could not get my printer to scan my drawing so I attach a photo with dimensions. The holes on the curve are not for mounting and would only be used with a coating to allow better attachment...
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    Door Closing Pads

    Plastikote is what I used so I could dip as well as brush on. Thanks for the compliment.
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    Door Closing Pads

    Alpine 64, the parts I showed were from my Series II and you are correct they sealed the window channel support, but also were the end caps for the dash pad, which is what TWAutomotive was looking for.
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    Door Closing Pads

    Series II dash pad finishers were metal covered with plastic material. The 155 and 156 parts are from a later series Alpine, note the plastic dash panel not found in Series II dash.
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    EBC Greenstuff brake pads for series 1 & 2

    I hope you have checked the caliper for alignment to center them correctly by using shims. S-l and S-ll require shims, but S-lll and later do not require shims. Looks like a good job.
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    A couple of questions ..

    I do not know what the brackets are for in the first two photos, but the last two are for Series II and I would believe the original brackets had some type of coating to protect the cantrail paint. For mine, I plan to use the liquid plastic coating that is typically used for plier handles. The...
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    Crazy brake pad ?

    Sunbeam Specialties lists disc brake pads in their catalog for Series I and II, but they are more expensive than for later Series III and later Sunbeams.
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    Battery Cover Fastener

    Note that Plate D Section YX shown is for Series III and on. Parts 210/211 are not the same as part 173 shown on Plate D Section YV that is shown for Series I and II only. The replacement shown from McMaster-Carr could be retrofitted for Series I and II, but they are not the same.
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    Vin number

    Victoria British did sell Series I and II windshields alot of years ago, but I do not know if they sold any to Moss.
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    S1 Convertible top front Bow or complete frame wanted.

    Just a note that there were two types of cantrails listed for Series II only, and I also agree that there are none listed for Series I. The early type is shorter than the later type as well as the snaps are moveable on the early type and fixed on the later type. Also, the top clamps for the...
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    Cantrail clips for series 2

    I also could not find the proper clips for the cantrails and I did find a clip that should work well. I had to cut it in half and drill a hole in each half. Since they are made of spring steel I heated only the end and allowed it to cool and drilled the hole.
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    S1 Intake Manifold Question

    I have to disagree with plugging that water pipe from the rear of the head to the "water-heated induction manifold jacket" (quote from Workshop Manual page 2) because that is the only way jacket water can flow through the engine from the rear. Since there is a small bypass hose near the water...
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    2023 Calendar Status

    Got my packet today. Great job, thanks.
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    WANTED: upper ball joint 1963 series 3 Ball Joint

    Fonz, I have the upper ball joint you are looking for and I am in Minnesota, not over the pond. Let me know if you want it.
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    WANTED: upper ball joint 1963 series 3 Ball Joint

    I sent you a private message, let me know if you are interested.