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Recent content by Five Reviver

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    Oliver, yes, JP certainly do them. You can buy them direct (Nornda Automotive) or through autosurplus.com.au. Photos on Messenger David
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    Lightweight Flywheels, NOT just for Race cars anymore.

    There’s one more thing to remember if you instal one of these fabulous flywheels: every time you start the car, it reminds you it’s there by ringing like a bell.
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    Lightweight Flywheels, NOT just for Race cars anymore.

    Zero if I remember correctly
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    Lightweight Flywheels, NOT just for Race cars anymore.

    This is the (steel) one which TTV Racing sell to match 1725 OEM fitment - no change to std clutch. 3.6kg - it’s less than half the weight of a lightened OEM. I can tell you it drives in traffic with no negatives and the positives are a revelation. You just won’t believe the change to the...
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    Weber 40 DCOE mods for more flow

    DW I took out heaps of metal from the intake port. As to REVer, this Alpine keeps teaching me that it takes a lot of reviving to enable the revving, which in turn leads to more reviving. A nasty little circle!
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    Weber 40 DCOE mods for more flow

    Sorry DW I haven’t been able to but for consolation here’s the latest 40/45 DCOE comparison video from Penguin Motors
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    Weber 40 DCOE mods for more flow

    I’ve checked and those measurements match my Weber 45’s
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    Weber 40 DCOE mods for more flow

    Which Is Best? Ford Pinto Carb Edition - 32/36 DGAV Vs 40/45 DCOE Weber - YouTube This video is on point. Test man says, in relation to the 45's 'the big carbs pull through' and 'let the engine rev on better'. I was not happy with my engine feeling asthmatic at the top end with DCOE 40's and...
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    A rather odd "BOLT" will be available shortly

    I have roof reno on the list. A pair for me please. David
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    New School Custom Pistons

    I now have the answer from RaceTec: the deck is .210 inches and milling off .114 inches would lead to a deck of .096 inches, and failure. This doesn't concern me; I bought the pistons with a view to building standard stroke and I'm still happy with that. Dan, when I said the pistons are the same...
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    New School Custom Pistons

    Dan, I have a couple of questions for you regarding the new school RaceTec pistons. Mine are the same spec as yours. I have put these questions to RaceTec as well but thought that if you happen to know the answers already, they may be of interest to the forum. Or you might prefer to wait...
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    Head flow test results

    Michael, Here’s a combustion chamber, cc’d at 38. Compression last assembly was 10.3 as far as we could work out. Above all I want this engine to be durable.
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    Rocker pedestals

    The ratio was said to be 1.6 to 1, as opposed to original 1.4 to 1