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Recent content by Fergusonic

  1. Fergusonic

    2.8 head SOLD

    Got it. Thanks Dan
  2. Fergusonic

    2.8 head SOLD

    It's not cracked. I'll box it tomorrow. It's been a while so give me your address again. I'll let ya know what the shipping costs are.
  3. Fergusonic

    2.8 head SOLD

    I have an extra Ford 2.8 BARE Head... 1984..... for sale.... just make an offer and I'll add Shipping Fee SOLD
  4. Fergusonic

    Anyone know about this Fiberglass Series III - IV - V hardtop

    I bought one for my SV. It was of good quality with the exception of one thing: Driver's side vertical window brace was about 3/4" shorter than the Driver's side causing it to "hike up" on the passenger side. I wound up cutting the brace, lengthening it, and installing a new plexiglass side...
  5. Fergusonic

    Ford 2.8L

    The heads need to have the Larger 2.9 Valves . Ported / Relieved to take advantage of whatever cam you choose. Any competent machine shop can do this work at a reasonable cost.
  6. Fergusonic

    In the movies

    Will you have to remove or change anything on your vehicle to make it "Period-Correct" for the movie Windscreen stickers, etc?
  7. Fergusonic

    Buick/Rover aluminum V8 swap?

    1985 2.8 complete engine for sale on Facebook's Marketplace: Grand Rapids, Mi $300 is what the guy is asking for it.
  8. Fergusonic


    I think the Aluminum Rockers were 1-6 ratio also.
  9. Fergusonic


    Hey Nick, besides an obvious Poka Dot ,,,, what color are you gonna paint it? Bradly
  10. Fergusonic


    Nick should be happy in a couple days !
  11. Fergusonic

    2.8 EFI

    And I helped..... it was great fun and very exciting when it (finally) fire up! woo hoo !