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Recent content by Bikesandfires

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    '67 Series V

    Thanks for the kudo's... It WAS a long wait. I made it thru the worst of the economic setback looking at the Alpine sitting in the garage and wondering if I should sell it a piece at a time just to keep some bills paid. It was a huge load off my mind as I watched the hauler go out of sight...
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    '67 Series V

    I listed the car in Hemmings back in early summer. Only had 4 hits on it there, one was a broker wanting to send it overseas and wanted to low-ball the price. Second guy made an e-mail inquiry and my e-mail response bounced and I never heard back. Third person bought it sight unseen and had...
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    Mystery part on Series II

    My SV doesn't have that... either discontinued, or PO removed... My first guess was a secondary safety to hold the pedal down while hand cranking.
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    Viz Mod and indexing

    Lots of.. if not most racers do it. I read about it and started doing it on my race engines back in the early 80's. I probably read in Hot Rod magazine about some SuperStock racer looking for any edge he could find under their very limiting rules. I'd love to see dyno results documenting the...
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    Interior help, please

    These pics show part of what you are looking for I think.... HTH
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    Non-Level 2150 carb Float Adjustment

    To answer the question you asked... Being slightly tilted in any direction won't make enough difference in the float level to worry about. The Ford 2150 has a side hung float which is less sensitive to front/back orientation. A steep driveway will tip the carb more then what we are talking...
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    Puff4 (Kevin McLemore)

    I'm glad to hear he's not wearing a pine overcoat yet. Thanks for replying Michael. More then once I'v seen a profile go inactive and no one had any news about the person. The internet world is weird in the sense that one can chat often with people you will never meet, or know more then...
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    Puff4 (Kevin McLemore)

    Just curious after reading an old thread that got brought back to life today and realizing he hadn't been active. It's been nearly 3 years since he has been on here... Anyone have information about him? He was always posting neat little videos and pics,,
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    Windshield wedges

    I think a bigger issue then too tight top latches... say that 5 times real quick.... is using the top corner of the windshield frame as a grab handle climbing in and out of the car. The main adjustment purposes for the wedges is setting the gap between windshield and wing glass frame. The...
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    Windshield frame to body gasket

    Sorry.... I didn't address that part of the question. I did NOT glue the gasket to the frame and didn't have any real problem setting the frame and gasket onto the body... but it IS a 2 person job. I didn't start any of the nuts at first. One of us held the frame generally in place, and the...
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    Interior padded roll

    That was one of the more finicky pieces to install and make look good for me too. I took scissors and snipped the foam at about a 45* angle about 1.5" back so it wasn't so thick at the end. After that, I folded the top and bottom edges to the middle and snipped the little triangles of...
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    Windshield frame to body gasket

    You will need the contact cement for the dashpad to dash install. There's several threads describing that process. Quick tips tho are to test fit, test fit, test fit! Make sure it is centered.. Most pads need to have some foam shaved off the front edge to make them lay closer.. Some may need...
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    Windshield gasket

    Windshield into gasket, then install into frame. I never use sealant between the glass and gasket.... personal preference... other opinions may... and WILL vary
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    Alpine windscreen trim - Install - any advice on order of assembly

    I initially had the same problem... using that same brand of gasket... The pushing from the inside is what finally did the trick, but my glass was freshly installed and it seemed like it moved fairly easily. Maybe yours has been in the frame long enough that whatever you used for slickum when...
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    Alpine windscreen trim - Install - any advice on order of assembly

    X 10 on DanR suggestion about adjuster nuts instead of shims!!