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  • In Louisiana looking at a Pleasant Hill, CA. Alpine. Looking for some help. I will compensate cost a and time for putting some eyes on it.
    Hello, I live approx 30 miles from PH. I could possibly help you out depending on what you need. If interested send me a PM with your phone number. filister
    BCuster goto the FORUM

    scroll down to: Buying & Selling

    Just below you should see: Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale

    Then next: Alpine Cars and Parts Wanted

    Hope you get it,
    Dan, For the life of me, I cannot find the for sale section. Can you direct me on what tab it is under?
    I have been perusing this website. Is there a place to sell parts on the SAOCA site? Also, what is the best website to sell off parts?
    This FORUM is a very good place to sale Sunbeam parts, probably one of the best.... GoTo the FOR SALE and list what you have with a picture will help get you started.
    I have a long way to go. I purchased the 2.8L, looking for the transmission. I am ready to seel some parts
    Try the "WANTED" section here.

    I'm sure you will be reading the MODIFIED Section especially for the 2.8 V6 Alpines
    Yessir I have been, and thank you
    I own a Series V Alpine and intend to purchase the Dan Richardson setup.. Looking for the 2.8L and the T5 in the Louisiana area.
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