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Recent content by Alpineracer8

  1. 1967 Tiger Mk1A

    1967 Tiger Mk1A

    Owned by Andy Walker, Edmond, OK since 1995
  2. 1967 Tiger Mk1A

    1967 Tiger Mk1A

    Owned by Andy Walker, Edmond, OK since 1995
  3. Series I vintage racer at Hallett, OK

    Series I vintage racer at Hallett, OK

    In the heat of battle...Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, April '08
  4. Series I vintage racer

    Series I vintage racer

    Andy Walker and his Series I accelerating out of turn #9 at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in April '08...
  5. Series I vintage racer

    Series I vintage racer

    Andy Walker apexing turn #9 at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, April '08.
  6. Alpineracer8

    Sad news

    Paul's passing Guys: I agree with everyone here who thinks that Paul was a real stand up guy, but I especially agree with Nick. What we are facing right now with the loss of Paul's presence on this forum pales in comparison to what his wife and family must feel. I suggest that we all...
  7. Alpineracer8

    Driving lights brackets

    That's a nice job on those driving light brackets, dude!!!
  8. Alpineracer8

    15 alpines

    It's evidently real, I guess. I have visited with the owner of the cars (at least they said they owned them) via e-mail and they have sent me pics of twelve VIN tags and two SAL tags. I ID'd seven Series Vs, three Series IIs, one Series IV, and one Series I. The two with SAL tags only I...
  9. Alpineracer8


    Donna: Glad to hear that you have been reunited with Vicki!!! Go out and have some fun!!!!
  10. Alpineracer8

    Alpines and Parts on Tulsa OK Craigslist

    David: I met Leland Dodd in OKC when I was first getting into Sunbeams back in early 1979. In fact, he introduced me to a guy who lived down the street from him who had a Tiger, a Tiger that I ended up buying in October of '79. It wasn't but a couple of years or so later that I heard that...
  11. Alpineracer8

    Oil Filter

    Chuck: If you haven't already figured this out, the NAPA 1335 Gold oil filter is a direct screw-on replacement onto the stock Ford oil filter lug on the side of the block. No metric adapter is needed. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that NAPA's oil filters are made by Wix. Just for grins...
  12. Alpineracer8

    Road America - Elkhart Lake July 17-20

    Have a great time, Paul, and enjoy the races!!!!
  13. Alpineracer8

    Road America - Elkhart Lake July 17-20

    My wife and I made the trek to Road America last summer when we travelled from Oklahoma to Madison, WI to visit my sister and her family. The facility is really top-notch and the people there were very friendly and let us have the run of the place in our car (no on-track action, however). Once...
  14. Alpineracer8

    trim rings/hub caps/transmission

    I dropped you a PM a few minutes ago regarding some of your parts for sale. Thanks.
  15. Alpineracer8

    Carpet door sill cardboard pieces

    I would certainly appreciate some pics of the cardboard pieces, Bob. Do the tops of the covers extend all the way under the door sill plates or do they just glue to the upper sides of the sills? I can't believe that I've never run across any of these in any of the Sunbeams I've owned. Of...