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Recent Comments

  1. alpine_64
    Brent this is a SV alpine interior and you have it uploaded in the SII area ;)
  2. 65sunbeam
    One rare Harrington!
  3. DanR
    In this picture the transmission is a T5 out of a '97 Mustang an the transmission mount bracket is the first one I made for my BW35 Alpine because the one sent by jose was for the 4 bolt manual...
  4. alpine_64
    @Kristian Jonsson this is an early series car. The series I/ II didnt have a servo as standard ( a rare option) and the early cars use a road tube from the tapet cover, not a pcv system. So no...
  5. Kristian Jonsson
    Oh! That looks much better. Something is missing? The vacuum tube to the brake servo? Brake servo is not necessary! The "oil mist tube" from the oil filler cap? Unnecessary. Electric wires hidden...

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