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New Profile Posts

  1. nomisrw
    Idling until spring
  2. nomisrw
    Idling waiting for spring
  3. swla
    Selling my entire Series V inventory. Doors, hoods LAT Tiger hood, trunk lid, calipers, front cross member, badging and chrome
  4. Chazbeam
    Long Away but still kicking!! hope all are well!
  5. bkasl
    bkasl Silver Creek Sunbeam
    I also have the Fiamm horns but wanted to go back to original with the clear hooters
    Surprising little written about a rebuild.
    I had a rusty one I opened up but don’t see the contact points to clean or any way to diagnose it
    1. Silver Creek Sunbeam
      Silver Creek Sunbeam
      I can definitely respect wanting to be original. My car isn’t all original but I definitely strive to keep the period feel of it.

      Paul A may have good input for rebuilding. I would think if anyone would, he would. Good luck…hope you get it.
      Oct 15, 2021
  6. kkelly225
    Looking for a complete rear axel or at least a ring and pinion for my 62 series 2...
  7. bkasl
  8. RobinRob
    HAPPIEST! My 1960 Alpine Series I is now in my garage. :-)
    1. Silver Creek Sunbeam likes this.
  9. BCuster
    I own a Series V Alpine and intend to purchase the Dan Richardson setup.. Looking for the 2.8L and the T5 in the Louisiana area.
  10. ric840147
    Getting back on the road.
  11. AlpineII
    Back after a long absence!
  12. Mikeflbmer
    account upgrade
  13. waterboy
    Recently have got the engine running sounds good also have paperwork to get a title also
  14. mototron
    Drive Them , Race Them , Fix them . Do Not Sit in a Chair & Look at Them , You Will Live Longer .
  15. mototron
    Do Not Sit in a Chair & Look at Them , You Will Live Longer .
  16. mototron
    Drive Them , Race Them , Fix Them
  17. jbiii52111
    I'm back after 10yrs, causing more problems than fixing.
  18. Gumby
    In December 1975, When I turned 16, I bought my dad's 65 Series IV Sunbeam Alpine. sold it. I just bought a 64 Alpine to relive that dream.
  19. John W
    John W
    Not my Alpine. Best photo I can find of original floor mats.
  20. John W
    John W
    May 5th 2021 - Sell equities, buy an Alpine.