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Want to buy- 1960-1963 Alpine with Hardtop (Series 1 or 2)

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts Wanted' started by RobinRob, May 14, 2021.

  1. Aladin Sane

    Aladin Sane Gold Level Sponsor

    I see Racerguys series II is now listed on ebay.
  2. RobinRob

    RobinRob Bronze Level Sponsor

  3. RobinRob

    RobinRob Bronze Level Sponsor

    Well, Great News, everyone! It looks like I've found a great match. This is a beautiful Sunbeam and I am looking forward to taking good care of it - and driving it - for many years to come. Thank you so very much for your help and suggestions. More to come once I have the car with me!
    Alpine 1789 and ernestovumbles like this.
  4. Toyanvil

    Toyanvil Gold Level Sponsor

    That's great, can't want to see it.
  5. Gordon Holsinger

    Gordon Holsinger Diamond Level Sponsor

    Stay in touch with saoca there is a wealth of information in the club.
    RobinRob likes this.
  6. belmateo

    belmateo Gold Level Sponsor

  7. Mikeflbmer

    Mikeflbmer Bronze Level Sponsor

    I have decided to finish the car as I have everything for it now.....a perfect car for my daughter to drive
    RobinRob likes this.
  8. RobinRob

    RobinRob Bronze Level Sponsor

    Mike, your daughter is a VERY lucky young woman. It sounds like a fabulous Sunbeam!
  9. RobinRob

    RobinRob Bronze Level Sponsor

    I certainly will stay in touch! There is so much to learn and you all have been very generous with thoughts and ideas. Thank you!

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