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Virtual Sunbeam Invasion 2020

Discussion in 'Invasions & Other Events' started by 65sunbeam, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    I'll be looking for you Bernard.... Next Year!
  2. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    MikeH, Like your Alpine (In work). Here's one of mine I'd like to bring to the show & tell Alpine 3819 New Wires and Tires - 1725 Engine - Chem Dipped Hardtop      20190318_170449.jpg
    It's a '65 SIV ST OD Colour Code 70 w/Hardtop same colour as body 70 Maroon. My Buddy bought new while he was stationed in England. Watched it come off the assembly line. Drove it four years there then brought it to Shaw AFB, SC. He lived near me on Lake Greenwood, SC when we were kids, fishing and hunting together.

    New rebuild 1725 and new chrome wheels. Top was chem dipped and primed. Some body panels are being replaced then it will get a new paint job back to the original 70. Hardtop may get a Silver or Grey colour, not sure yet.

    It will be sporting new disc brakes front and rear behind the "wires" when it hits the road again.
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  3. Filister

    Filister Silver Level Sponsor

    Am I too late for the show? Where are the Rapiers parking? Any awards for patina? D IMG_20200412_125033017 (1).jpg espite the appearance this car is a daily driver with many series 5 alpine parts. Slowly bringing it back.
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  4. Filister

    Filister Silver Level Sponsor

  5. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Hopefully never too later:)

    That is a jewel... Saw lots of them while stationed in Bermuda 1959-61.
  6. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    NEVER too late for the Invasion! We will keep this going until things are back to normal again and we have a real Invasion.
    Thanks to all and keep having fun.
  7. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Here's a survivor car screen. IMG_20200412_195447.jpg
  8. Greggers

    Greggers SAOCA Vice President Platinum Level Sponsor

    In addition to PMing you the link, I figured it would be a good idea to post it here as well. I went looking for the link and got distracted for a month or so. Can't imagine why. Turns out I didn't buy them on eBay. They, too, were Amazon.


    $100 plus about $20-30 for hog ring kit with a hog ring plier. I should mention that it was beyond challenging to get the vinyl to stretch to where it fit properly for the seat backs. I installed them on a cold day without a hairdryer (or hair). For one side I was able to cinch the bottom of the seat back, but I ended up tearing the zipper. For the other side, I used zip ties to keep the bottom cinched. It might've been a good idea to cinch in an extra piece of vinyl to go across the bottom. Or, you know, wait until summer.
  9. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Which color did you select?
  10. GlennB

    GlennB Silver Level Sponsor

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  11. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    Thanks Glenn-Harringtons are always welcome at the Invasion rain or shine!
  12. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    We had three at the Invasion in 2019. 110_0736.JPG
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