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Two Weeks !

Discussion in 'Greater Atlanta Chapter' started by Green67Alpine, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

    IN just two weeks we'll be on the road and on our way. Everybody ready ?
    Anyone in our area going to join in ?

    Tom j
  2. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time


    I am almost ready, sort of .. :) .

    Once I figger out how to drop the gearbox, then putting in the rebuilt one should be a piece of cake.

    Right now it hits (barely) the cross-member, and the tail end won't drop down. *&@(@@!!

    I may have to raise the engine, or move it forward 1/4 inch, not sure yet.

    Am also investigating a fuel leak. After a fill-up I find fuel on the ground. Not good, so gotta find that, or simply not do a fill-up :) .

    I will get this done though.

    It will require a leap of faith to drive a car Atlanta/Ohio/Atlanta that has been sitting for eons, and is just now up and running but I'd not miss this.

    No time to do ANY interior work, all time remaining is to be spent on driveabilty, and on installing a soft top...

    Am scheduled to get a spare tire this week, so I can return the one I borrowed from you (thanks!).

    Who'all will be in the caravan?

  3. sd_pace

    sd_pace Gold Level Sponsor

    It may be nessasary to pull the motor to change out the gearbox.... and it may be easier too... the alinement is a bitch from under the car
  4. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    You shouldn't have to pull the motor, I wouldn't think. Worst case would be loosening the motor mounts, while supporting motor from above -- crane or a spreader bar like in the manual (but at the back of engine). Is the exhaust system keeping the motor mounts from flexing a little? (hopefully it's disconnected...)
  5. Alpine 1789

    Alpine 1789 SAOCA President Platinum Level Sponsor

    Pulling the transmission without pulling the engine is a PITA, but it can be done. the WSM describes it pretty well. You just have to remember to disconnect lots of things that interfere with the engine's ability to drop down. Last time I did this I forgot to disconnect the carburetor linkage and damaged it. IIRC, I also had to remove the valve cover to get the last 1/2 inch I needed. Next time, I will just pull the whole engine! I think that would actually have been faster.
  6. RootesRich

    RootesRich Donation Time

    If one follows the WSM on pulling the tranny, it's really not that difficult. The key to get the tranny to align with the engine during reassembly is to use two 8 -10" long bolts that will help mate the tranny to the engine. Put the bolts in the back of the engine and simply line up the bell housing to the bolts and slide it together. Once together, remove the alignment bolts.
  7. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    I love the bolts idea, Rich... that's brilliant.
  8. RootesRich

    RootesRich Donation Time

    I'd love to claim the idea, but my dad taught me that trick years ago and I believe he picked it up from a Jag owner in the 70's.
  9. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    I plan to be in the caravan, I'll be at Micky Dees at 4-4:30 AM Thursday morning.
  10. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

    Georgia gang caravan

    Well so far it looks like, Bob, Allan, Steve, Tom , and we'll try to pick-up Kenny when we pass through Lexington.

    Any one else ?

    Tom j
  11. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    If the gearbox is on a floor jack type gearbox lift, and the engine is supported and stable, would those two alignment bolts be required, or would eyeballing the thing, then bolting up the bell housing per normal, do the trick.

    I sure hope to be done with this "COB" tomorrow. As pointed out, gotta unhook a bunch of stuff, and still the clearance through the cross member is close.

  12. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    Allan, use the bolts.

    Four years ago I was installing a 5 speed in my son's Tempo. Wrestled with that sucker and the trans jack for 3-4 hours, totally exhausted myself. That evening, visited the hardware store, bought a couple of long bolts. Next morning, using the long bolt trick, had that thing lined up and bolted in within 15 minutes. It does make a difference.

  13. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

    Which One ?

    Ok Bob ! I bet there's more than 1 Micky Dees .... Or as they say in Jersey "What Exit" :D

    Tom j
  14. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    It's the one on Windy Hill and I-75, on the west side of
    I-75, Steve said he knows where it's at. How are you going to get there from home?
  15. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

    I'm hitchin' a ride with Steve, to start, until he gets tired of me, then I'll ride with someone else (hopefully). It's kind of a long drive by yourself.

    See you Thursday the 28 th !

    Tom j
  16. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    Got the gearbox in; big and positive change :).

    I have a BAD fuel leak. Can't tell where it is coming from for sure.

    The crossover pipe channel has no fuel on it, so I think the fuel tanks
    are both leaking - after a fill-up.

    Fuel leaks from both rear wing's drain holes.

    Maybe I can get a mirror in there for a look, but I'm thinking the tanks need
    to be yanked pronto and checked.

    So tomorrow it's out with the fuel tanks. I have a spare set, but how to know if they are any better.

    Both sets were done by SIMS Radiator shop in Decatur, GA. They were split, boiled, red coated, and put back together.

    Isn't a shop supposed to pressure test reassembled tanks .. ??:(

    I have to wonder whether the crap in the carbs came from the redone fuel tanks, not from the fuel pump as earlier theorized.

    Carbs are stumbling at the point when vacuum changes from vacuum to no vacuum, then run fine. I noticed some reddish fluid, maybe contamination from the fuel tanks ....:eek:

  17. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    Allan, I've always thought that by doing things myself I was saving money but spending time. Your experience makes me think I'm saving more time than money!

  18. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time


    Isn't it the truth :) .

    I think swapping out the tanks is a must-do chore. I'm very curious now about the tanks as well.

    It may be possible to return them to SIMS, and ask for a split-apart while I'm there to see the insides.

  19. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    Thought I'd do a follow-up; don't want the Outlaw Sunbeam caravan to be unduly
    anxious :) .

    Still battling fuel leaks, but maybe found/solved the culprit. I don't think the clamps to the balance pipe were done as well as they could be, but they are much better now.

    I removed/reinstalled the right fuel tank to inspect for leaks &&&whatever might appear.

    It looked fine, great shape, with some tracks from fuel overflow down the dusty back. Or so it appeared to me.

    The "new engine" has maybe 200 miles on it, too soon to tell if it is thirsty for oil but it doesn't smoke or knock :) .

    New gearbox is fantastic !!!! (Thanks Jan ! )

    Interior is from the past, maybe the next planet, will have to do for now. I'd hoped to swap out the dash anyway, but no time.

    Now have a spare tire and thanks Tom for the loaner :) .

    Either tomorrow or next day the plan is to do a shake down cruise a couple hours out of town.

    Not sure there will be time for the convertible top to go on. I should at least get the frame installed.

    If road testing the beast back onto the road, after ???? years of storage, continues to demand attention, I can take a jug of glue and some rivets, and perhaps sumbody at the Invasion has done an SIV soft top install before, and will supervise .. :)

  20. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

    Good news ! ! Make sure you run at highway speed for a while :D
    Did you replace the head gasket?
    Best of luck on the "shake down"

    Tom j

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