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Tip for finding the forum links in google search

Discussion in 'Questions About/Issues With the Site' started by spudman5, May 8, 2013.

  1. spudman5

    spudman5 Donation Time

    Since the SAOCA site went down and had to be changed to another webhost, the links found by google search no longer work. Until the google search engine has caught up to the new links, you can manually go to the links.

    As an example, I want to search for rear hub removal so in the google search box I type: site:sunbeamalpine.org/forum removing hubs

    One of the search results is:

    splined hub removal-HELP? - The SAOCA Forum
    sunbeamalpine.org › ... › Sunbeam Alpine Forums › "Stock" Alpine‎
    Jul 20, 2008 – My new prodject car a 66 SV has wire wheels and the rear splined hubs are very worn and need replacement along with the wheels.

    Normally, I can click on the top line and my browser will go directly to the forum link. However, no you will just get a "Error 404: NOT FOUND!"

    Instead of giving up, you can manually go to the forum and find the posting using the information in the search results:
    To get to this forum posting, go to the sunbeamalpine.org which takes you to the main forum page.
    Then using the information from the 2nd line: sunbeamalpine.org › ... › Sunbeam Alpine Forums › "Stock" Alpine‎, go to the "Stock" Alpine forum.

    Using the date Jul 20, 2008, go to the page that has that date in it. You may need to jump around a few pages to find the date. One thing I did discover is that the google date may not be the exact date on the forum, but it should be within a couple of days.

    Now use top line from the search: splined hub removal-HELP?, you can find the correct posting.

    I found this posting on page 140 of the "Stock" Alpine with the date of July 24, 2008. As I said above, the date is off a little bit from what the search results showed.

    Mike Tanner
  2. Gitnrusty

    Gitnrusty Donation Time

    Thanks for posting the tip. Very clearly written. :)
  3. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    So I came here to drop a note for Greggers and crew regarding Google searches not yielding valid links, which I'm guessing is due to forum software changes. This 'sticky' at the top seems to deal with that very issue, but is from 2013. It's a little too late at night to give the above technique a try right now, but it seems this issue has returned for the 2017/18 Googling season.

    Example is here: starting around post 21:
  4. Greggers

    Greggers SAOCA Vice President Platinum Level Sponsor

    Yes, search continues to be a bit of a challenge and only time will heal most of those wounds. There's something you can try to get more relevant results. Instead of searching:

    site:sunbeamalpine.org v6 conversion oil
    site:forum.sunbeamalpine.org v6 conversion oil

    The drawback is that it seems to offer fewer results. But the benefit may just be that it offers more relevant results (and by its very nature, only valid results). And with that said, the "site:sunbeamalpine.org blah blah" Google searching is less necessary now. The new forum software should offer better results with the site's own search function. However, the site continues to ignore two- and three-letter words (v6 and oil are common ones being searched).

    I've tried two things: 1. Adjusting the site search to allow two-letter word searching, and 2. Enabling Google search within the site. For 1., the site doesn't seem to care, as a search for V6 oil gives me zero results. And as for 2., the coding to get embedded Google searching to work, it was beyond my coding abilities at the time. If anybody has any suggestions on making either solution work, let me know.

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