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Tiger Roller

Discussion in 'Ebay / Craigslist / Other Discoveries' started by Warren, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

  2. rixter

    rixter Platinum Level Sponsor

    Should we be laughing or crying?

  3. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    It helps me to look at bigger problem cars then my own.
  4. Scotty

    Scotty Platinum Level Sponsor

    This car is literally 5 mins from me and I almost went to see it but that front end looks like a nightmare. They already sold the hardtop on it, which I expected. I've been halfway tempted to contact the lister just to see if I can pick parts off that parts car.

    If any Sunbeams come up that are local to me, feel free to hit me up to look at it, I'll take pics and ask all the pertinent questions. The least I can do for you folks for all you've done for me. I feel like we're all in this together.
  5. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    The car is in capable hands now , not mine. The buyer called me looking for some odds and ends.
    Scotty likes this.
  6. bulldurham

    bulldurham Platinum Level Sponsor

    Anyone know the selling price?
  7. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    The capable hands are attached to someone who posts here. I like to encourage other people to make their own postings themselves because a forum without content is like a pool without water.
    Scotty likes this.
  8. Scotty

    Scotty Platinum Level Sponsor

  9. Mikeflbmer

    Mikeflbmer Bronze Level Sponsor

    A friend of mine bought it....and he is buying an Alpine parts car from me to make the body panels correct.....It will be a Tiger again when he is finished
  10. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Really, the capable hands and locals are Alpine hoarder's so maybe you're geographically undesirable parts supply isn't an issue.
  11. Scotty

    Scotty Platinum Level Sponsor

    Any idea if the buyer bought the Alpine parts car that the seller had with the roller?

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