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Tiger and Alpine misc.

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by Warren, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Misc stuff to sell.
    New in box dash pad.
    New in box soft top unknown mfg. 100 bucks.
    Several rubber hard top gaskets and parts please ask.
    Real with patina AC filter housing as pictured but original 350
    AC filter housing 425 as original
    Windshield frames 200
    Some 2 bbl manifold and parts. 550
    Rust free hard top complete also with rear trim and a few rubber pieces, plus new rear window. 1750.
    The top was originally black and had a respray to white. Let's talk I'm a serial Sunbeam collector and need the space for other projects.
    Please also check the user other ads . Sort of a garage sale going on here knee problems also pushing sale of fun toys Schwinn Tiger middle weight bike and Schwinn Sting-Ray, 64 Ford Falcon 6 cyl convt. and more coming. Ad link posted so non members of SAOCA can reply .

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  2. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    Shame you’re in LA. I’d like to buy your hard top but it would be a pain to ship.
  3. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Kevin, warren will put it on a pallet, a rust free straight top at that price is worrh some shipping hastle.
  4. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    A few years back the freight charge for shipping a hard top by common carrier from the west coast to Ohio was over $400.00. The pallet had a plywood box built around it to protect the top. Shipping the top by truck freight on an open pallet would probably result in a lot of unwanted damage.
  5. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    I probably would not have shipped a hardtop on an open palette. Rather I would sandwich it between two pallets with sides. It's up to the shipper, but I have sent doors and windshield frames and other things to England simply by taking them to the shipper who took care of everything.
    You get what you pay for. I've bought a lot of things they got shipped by United Parcel Smashers and FedEx that looked like on arrival they were on the plane from the movie castaway.

    Hard tops are available for $500 to $700 pretty easily but you don't get a lot of clean straight metal on those tops plus you don't get the complete top the rear window trim the part that hold the headliner in the front the headliner bows and all of the hardware. The hardware is in driver condition and everyone knows you can spend way more on the chrome parts then the whole damn hardtop, that's why some nice chrome pieces sell for what they do on eBay. although taking pictures of chrome parts on eBay is like taking pictures of anything for sale they always look better in pictures. If you're not from Southern California, a hardtop is a really needed item. I have 3 now and I only have one raincoat and one set of foul weather gear for when I go sailing.

    The soft-top is black it has some very slight water stain looking spots that don't come off.
    It is a JC Whitney item and I'd be happy with a hundred bucks for it.

    I also have a set of project traction bars weld on and bolt on . I'm putting things together here and I will be responding to the private messages that I have received. If you are interested please send your phone number and I'll call you back or text you pictures of whatever you want.

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  6. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Dash pad and shocks the rear say made by Gabriel and both probably came from JC Whitney. The fronts are Sears and the box was un opened until today. I'm not sure they'll fit an Alpine but the fellow said he had an Alpine as well.
    Things are what they are. Look at the pictures ask questions and we'll talk about it.

    Attached Files:

  7. sunalp

    sunalp Platinum Level Sponsor

    Sent you a PM.
  8. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Warren, I sent you a PM on theDash Pad (s) previously. Thanks for the PIC !
  9. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Thanks Dan after a lifetime in sales I can still spell customer service. These parts came with a really nice car that fell into the hands of a let's say frugal person. It seems they were purchased form J.C. Whitney which a crap shoot on overall quality and of course the miracle water injector for increased fuel mileage, and engine rebuild pills to stop smoking etc. Luckily Jack Benny only had car running for 500 miles. He gave up when the 87 smog rules required a NOX device. I could go back and get the water injection system as a gag gift and classic automotive snake oil memorabilia :)
  10. George Coleman

    George Coleman Gold Level Sponsor

    The upper picture would work on the rear they are the same as F100 Ford pickup, the smaller shocks would work but you would have to cut the metal bushing flush with the rubber bush in the lower half of the shock.
  11. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    I believe everything is spoken for some things twice, things going to those first in line and those who kept the line of communication active. The hard top is still available as the prospect I have has several rusty hard tops with lots of good parts but no clean shell. Same story different Sunbeam owner. I had to go thru 7 tops each time getting a better one and selling off the lesser rust lightened model. renewed ad below

  12. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Revised ad and updated links for individual items.
    Added items today
    Rear lic. plate light.
    Steering knuckle Tiger.
    Project late MK1a roller 106 car 289 5 bolt w/r trans pro built, 2.72 gears in pile. Hard top , 14 Pannasports old tires, older Konis at 4 corners. I could go on and on and will. Seeking local buyer as several 1000 could be spent hauling a non running car. Shell has no rust but has has body work and there is some un repaired damage. Everything will be pointed out. Car has not been TACed but can be arranged. When I bought this M. McCluskey a local senior inspector gave it his blessing. Priced in the low low 20's to move. I'm looking for a nice tow vehicle . Located in 90277
  13. tylerite3124

    tylerite3124 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Hi Warren. Do you know what Series the soft top fits? I have a Series II. Thanks

  14. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Sorry it's sold
  15. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Misc stuff to sell. Plus free
    New in box dash pad.
    Rear end out of an automatic car backing plate to backing plate FREE in 92028

    Real with patina AC filter housing as pictured but original 350
    AC filter housing 425 as original
    Windshield frames 200
    Some 2 bbl manifold and parts. 550
    Rust free hard top complete also with rear trim and a few rubber pieces, plus new rear window. 1750.
    Door and window regulators
    dash parts
    Tiger generators with brackets and correct pulleys
    Core bumpers
  16. Scott Rodrigues

    Scott Rodrigues Donation Time

    What dash parts do you have?
  17. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Two dash pads , complete SV dash and misc bits. Stuff is in 92028
  18. Mike O'D

    Mike O'D Gold Level Sponsor

    Soft top worked out well Warren - thanks. As you mentioned, it's J.C. Whitney from 1986 as indicated by the original postage on the box. It fits pretty well and should work just fine for those occasions when needed.

    Attached Files:

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  19. Alpine 1789

    Alpine 1789 SAOCA President Platinum Level Sponsor

    Nice job on the installation, Mike!
  20. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Practice makes perfect. I know an owner who put one on his car himself. His first try he used a brand new canvas one and cut it too short.

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