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SUNI Convoy?

Discussion in 'Pacific Coast Chapter' started by lord_rootes, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. lord_rootes

    lord_rootes Donation Time

    Ed Ericksen and myself have started a preliminary discussion on driving
    out to SUNI this summer with any folks from the Northwest area that are
    interested. It's always safer (breakdown wise) and more fun to drive in
    a convoy.
    Ed has suggested possibly meeting up in Spokane and leaving from there.
    It's about a twelve hour drive from Spokane to Rapid City. I'd rather
    take two days than drive one long day so that would mean a departure
    from Spokane on Friday, June 19th morning to be there Saturday sometime.
    If anyone is interested please e-mail me at milesfamily@....
    Then we'll get a list of folks and we can all stay in touch that way.
  2. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Donation Time


    Yes,, Sounds like a plan. Jane and I are planning to tow the Pumpkin, I am making a tow hookup for Alpines and may Fit Tigers too. A simple deal , But am out of country till Apirl 5... See www.chuckandjanestravels.blogspot.com
    Will make a couple of extra hook up that fit standard tow bars..
  3. lord_rootes

    lord_rootes Donation Time

    Hi Chuck,
    Love your blog! Sounds like you guys are having a wondeful time.
    As far as convoying goes, let's do it! So far there's the three cars involved, ours, yours, and Ed's. We'll arrange a meeting place in Spokane as the time draws nearer. We're not booked into the hotel in Rapid City until the Sunday so probably would get into Spokane on the Friday night and depart on Saturday morning if that works for you guys.
    We haven't totally decided yet whether we'll trailer the Alpine or drive it. Actually we might even take the Rapier if the Alpine's not running any better but I hope to have all it's problems ironed out by then.
    Say hi to Jane.


    BTW you guys should come up for the ABFM in Vancouver in May (Ed and Margaurite too), Sunbeam is a featured marque and we're trying to get as many as possible out this year. You're welcome to stay with us.
  4. mackzknife

    mackzknife Donation Time

    Do you have a link for more details on this? I live on Vancouver Island and would love to check out a semi-local event
  5. lord_rootes

    lord_rootes Donation Time

    Sure, you can find all the info at Western Driver Magazines website at http://www.westerndriver.com/abfm/

    Hopefully we'll see you there!
    Another good site to check out is www.sunbeamcanada.org which is run by a friend of mine named Ohan. We're both planning this year's Rootes Rendezvous to be held in Vancouver and Whistler in Aug. Love to see you there too!

  6. billantoad

    billantoad Donation Time

    Count Bill and I "IN" for the Suni convoy from Spokane! We are sending off our registration today.
  7. lord_rootes

    lord_rootes Donation Time

    Great! I figure we should leave Spokane on the Saturday morning and stay overnight somewhere, maybe about a six hour drive from Spokane if possible. That would get us to Rapid City late Sunday afternoon. Does that work for you guys? You're in Oregon aren't you?
    I'll try and find a motel in Spokane we can meet at on Friday night unless you guys or Chuck and Jane know of someplace.
    Let me know.
  8. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Donation Time

  9. lord_rootes

    lord_rootes Donation Time

    Hi Chuck,
    Greetings from sunny Richmond (although not as hot as where you guys are!).
    Did everyone want me to look into a hotel in Spokane for Friday night, June 19th? So far I've got myself and Mary Lou, Chuck and Jane, Bill and Sharon, and possibly Ed. Is there more than that interested?
    As far as the hotel in Rapid City goes we paid $104.00 per night but you have to mention SUNI V when you book.

  10. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Donation Time


  11. Sunbeam Canada

    Sunbeam Canada Donation Time

    Decisions, decisions....

    I have been back and forth whether I should/want to attend this event. Aside from the Imp charity project now in full swing. http://www.sunbeamcanada.org/
    and my biggest charity project planned for 2011 and Targa Newfoundland, money is the main issue. Yet again, attending an event of this calibre is "a must". Plus it couldn't hurt to advertise my projects.

    Aaarrrggghhh!. Someone help me make up my mind.!
  12. lord_rootes

    lord_rootes Donation Time

    Ok, you're coming! There I made up your mind. :)
    Seriously, it should be a lot of fun and it would be, as you say, good advertising.
    BTW I looked at your Imp pictures yesterday. I like the paint job. I'll have to come by in the next while and see it in person.

  13. Sunbeam Canada

    Sunbeam Canada Donation Time


    My mind is made up.

    I spoke with Ed Erikson tonight and he will riding shotgun on this trip. I certainly cannot pass on an event such as this. I have one hurdle to overcome that is booking time off work. I 'm sure I can make it happen.

    I'll call you tonight.

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