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Stock wiring for 1725 distributor ?

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by DanR, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Have two wires from the stock 1725 distributor.... one is red and one is black. Can't find where they go, any help is appreciated.

    Looked in shop manual but it only shows one wire (no color) to - side of coil nothing on the other.

    Been too long since I fooled with the 4cyl's:) Trying to get my Colour Code 70 running again.
  2. sunalp

    sunalp Platinum Level Sponsor

    That sound like a pertronix unit inside the distributor. Usually, there is only one wire that runs from the coil to the distributor.
    Sounds like yours has been modified with the Pertronix ignitor as they have a red and a black wire.

    Post a picture when you have a chance.

  3. hartmandm

    hartmandm Moderator Platinum Level Sponsor

    The stock setup is a white+black wire from the ignition coil negative connector to the distributor.


  4. Gordon Holsinger

    Gordon Holsinger Diamond Level Sponsor

    Dan I have a perttronix dust. I will go check the wiring for it my instructions.
    Solid core plug wires must not be used. Remove ballast resistor.
    The red wire goes to switch + side of coil.black goes to - side of coil
  5. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Yep! Not stock!! That is what got me fooled.

    Should have pulled the cap. 20200816_160956.jpg
  6. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    OK! Now Next question: Where do these 2 wires Circled in YELLOW in the picture connect for the Pertronix modified distributor? Do they join together?
  7. hartmandm

    hartmandm Moderator Platinum Level Sponsor


    The wire on the left in the picture is the "run" wire. It is 'hot' when the ignition is in the Run or Start position. The wire on the right coming off the firewall in the picture is the "cold weather" starting wire. It only goes 'hot' when the starter solenoid closes during Start. The purpose of the cold weather wire is to by-pass the external ballast resistor during starting and provide full battery voltage to the ignition coil. The cold weather circuit is not shown on the wiring diagram, but apparently it was standard for cars going to regions with colder climates, such as North America.

    I'm not familiar with the Pertronix setup, but if you will not be using an external ballast resistor, per Gordon, then I don't see a reason to hook up the cold weather wire. The "run" wire will supply the same voltage to the coil during starting, as there will be no external ballast resistor to drop the voltage provided to the coil.

  8. beamdream

    beamdream Gold Level Sponsor

    Don't get the red and black wrong way round or you'll fry the module.
    alpine_64 likes this.
  9. sunalp

    sunalp Platinum Level Sponsor

    The black wire goes to the negative terminal in the coil, red to positive.

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