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Sticky question

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by MikeH, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. MikeH

    MikeH Platinum Level Sponsor

    I want to reattach the body side molding on my Crown Vic. The tape holding some of the pieces on have failed. Can I use 3M VHB two sided tape, or should I use body molding tape. Both seem to be acrylic adhesives. So what’s the difference? Can anyone help me out on this?
  2. Alpine.67

    Alpine.67 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Mike the tapes are about the same. I would use the 3M automotive products. .030 0r .045" gray . you also should use a primer on the BSM parts.
    3M part number 4298. if you have trouble finding this primer in small amount, let me know and I can ship you some wet wipes of 4298.
    The cores of the tapes are the same ,but the ahds on 3M automotive tape have better adhs for paint. but you clean the BSM's and let the primer dry before making the bond of the tape. us a roller of some type to get good wet out of the adhs. questions call me 419-349-6670
    I could also bring some tape and primer too FL. late Jan. I plan to attend the SVRA races at the end of Feb.
    I sold 3M tapes for 3M automotive for many years.

  3. Alpine 1789

    Alpine 1789 SAOCA President Platinum Level Sponsor

    ...and supplied many, many 3M door prizes for Invasions! :)
  4. MikeH

    MikeH Platinum Level Sponsor

    Thanks Brad. I bought some 3M BSM tape at Advance Auto Parts. I will have to look at the part number when I get home. I did not look for the primer. What would be the best method to remove the tape from the doors? Would applying a little heat help?
  5. Alpine.67

    Alpine.67 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Mike you should be able to find a 3M tape stripper wheel at the auto parts stores. they run off you drill and do not ty a air tool. it will cut into your paint.
    you can also use the wheel on the BSM's. just take care as the molding are PVC plastic. the stripper wheel heats up the tape and it comes off very easy.
    the wheel is a plastic material and one or two wheels should do your repairs. you molding should have two strips of 1/2" tape or later cars had 10 mm.
    Send me a PM with your address and I can mail some primer wet wipes. be sure to clean all parts and car with SPA you can cut with water if you like.
    I leave for south Jan. 16th

  6. MikeH

    MikeH Platinum Level Sponsor

    I bought 1/2” tape. I couldn’t find 3/8”, which is what was on it originally. What is SPA?
  7. Alpine.67

    Alpine.67 Platinum Level Sponsor

    SPA = isopropyl alcohol you can see the data on the data page I found to send you. sorry for not writing that out.
    cleaning is the deal on tape applications


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