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SII Project on Ebay

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by bernd_st, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

  2. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    It appears to have been painted green originally. You wonder how long it's been parked.
  3. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    Looks like Forrest green originally. Straight body at least. Should be rescued ...
  4. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    Wasn't forest green first used on series 4 cars? It's a series 2 so it was probably Seacrest green.
  5. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    We have an original 86 colour coded S2 here in our Club ...
  6. Alpine Addict

    Alpine Addict Platinum Donor Diamond Level Sponsor

    It has the later series sidelight/indicator assembly
  7. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    Well spotted ...
  8. husky drvr

    husky drvr Gold Level Sponsor

    The blue sticker on the rear plate might show 1981. Difficult to "connect the pixels" on enlargement. Also, I don't know about California's registration rules so it might not be relevant.
  9. volvoguys

    volvoguys Donation Time

    According to the "tech data' section on the club site the colour code 86 (forest green) first appeared with the SIV but:

    "All cars with special order colors received that color code identification on the vehicle data inspection plate (no exceptions). This hold true based on registry findings and factory worker interviews. For example: We know that the Works Cam-tail race cars were painted code 86 Forest Green. These are Series II Alpines with color code 86 on the data tag."

    Mark ..... volvoguys
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020 at 7:49 AM
  10. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    Wonder what other Rootes vehicles used the code 86 paint prior to it being a stock color beginning with series 4? A quick scan of cars on the registry of this site that have the paint code listed shows no cars thru series 3 with # 86 paint.

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