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Shipping costs

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by BERNARD ROSE, May 1, 2021.


    BERNARD ROSE Gold Level Sponsor

    We have all had problems with high shipping costs, especially for ordering parts to be shipped to Canada from the US. I live close to the US border, so I have the advantage of having parts shipped to my USPS box or to a drop off address in the US. This does not work with the border closed.

    I have a Costco corporate membership, and this gives me access to lower shipping costs through shiptime.com . I include the info for the part to be picked up from the US supplier, including the information on the package size and cost etc...They come back with a choice between different courriers with delivery time and cost. You chose your preference and confirm. The courrier provides you with PDF copies of the shipping label and waybill. You send the PDF's to the supplier, who prints them. You advise the courrier, when the parcel is ready and they are good to go.

    As an example, a few weeks ago I ordered a fuel tank sender unit from Connecticut. The estimated delivery within 6 to 8 days for the small 1 lb package via UPS was US$40 plus unknown service and brokerage charges. In fact, through shiptime.com, I placed the order on April 14 for pick up by DHL. The unit was delivered to my house in Brossard, QC on the 16th and the total cost was CDN$26 !
    Yesterday I ordered a water pump from Curt at Classic Sunbeam, to be delivered through shiptime.com. I just received the confirmation of delivery next Thursday at a total cost of CDN$36...another good deal.

    In fact, you don't have to be a Costco member, but there is a small additional saving. You can go directly to www.shiptime.com and check it out. I have been very happy with this service.
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  2. Slainte

    Slainte Gold Level Sponsor

    Thanks for this, Bernard. The downside is, now I'll end up spending more money for parts!
  3. Durhamguy

    Durhamguy Platinum Level Sponsor

    Thanks Bernard, I will check this out for sure. I agree the shipping costs into Canada from the US are getting high.

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