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Queen's English Car Show

Discussion in 'Pacific Coast Chapter' started by phyrman, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. belmateo

    belmateo Bronze Level Sponsor

    Thanks for the update. A week ago I emailed them asking for a refund and did not get any reply. I saved April 25, 2021 and hope they will see that I have already paid my entry fee.
  2. Warren

    Warren Silver Level Sponsor

    For those of you not in the land of unicorns. It is open range no mask but stay apart in Orange County and Riverside and its a county by county mess of Tin gods. I often put off paying till a couple days before QE as there is no penalty and you can pay online plus they do a good job of taking late on line payments and lining up of pre registered cars and that line is not a long idle as guys fumble for their payment at the gate. The 2020 bummer is variable depending on where you are and who has the pen that is mightier than the mask isn't that how's that goes :)

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