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posting new thread

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by jmthehermit, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. jmthehermit

    jmthehermit Donation Time

    I'm baffled. Please help, or could you tell me if an automatic rear out a series IV Alpine is the same ratio as a 4 speed rear?

    I'm having problems trying to post a new thread on Stock Alpine. Every time I hit New Thread I get asked to put in name and password. After doing so it still won't let me post, just asks for name and password again. Yet going to the other catagories I can get the Post New Thread screen (as you can see). thanks, Jeff
  2. Wombat

    Wombat Donation Time


    Have you tried clicking the "Remember me" box. I find that makes the board slower to kick me off, but I am puzzled that it only happens on Stock Alpine.

    When they were made the SIV automatic had the same axle ratio as the SIV manual without overdrive BUT:

    Up to B94102640 for the North American market the manual without overdrive and the automatic had a 3.89:1 and the manual with overdrive had a 4.22:1.

    From B94102641 everything for the North American market had the 4.22:1. So if one is before the changeover and one is after, the ratios will be different. Hope this is a little clearer than mud :)


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