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Osseo, MN Intermarque car show May 11th

Discussion in 'Upper Midwest Chapter' started by bohemianway, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. bohemianway

    bohemianway Donation Time

    Anyone thinking of going to this show(http://intermarque.org/imm.kickoff.html)?

    I think my neighbor (midget) and I are going. It looks like there is a meeting space for clubs to gather so they can then get co-located spots. parking starts at 9 and show runs from 10-3. It is also free so that fits into my bohemian heritage. Then at 5:00 the Anoka show starts for the season if anyone wants to waste the whole day (it is $3 for non anoka city residents).

    I have never heard of the Intermarque so we will see what it's all about.

  2. bohemianway

    bohemianway Donation Time

    Went to the Intermarque show

    ONly one other Sunbeam was there and it was a fine IMP. Otherwise it was mostly MGs and triumphs. Maybe 100 cars but worth the trip since it was close.

  3. jack Bacon

    jack Bacon Silver Level Sponsor

    Hi Charles,

    That was my Imp parked close to your Alpine. I tried to catch you as you were leaving but was too late.

    I hope you saw my two favorite cars of the show a Gilbern GT beautiful car reminded me of a smaller size Aston Martin and only 277 made. The other was a beautiful bright red 1960 Mini Cooper.

    Let's get together at Dan's house this summer and then head over to the Anoka Saturday night cruise in.

  4. bohemianway

    bohemianway Donation Time

    Definitly noticed the Gilbern (dark green) and talked to the owner (the guy who helps everyone with British car stuff). I kind of figured that the Imp was yours but since I was with my neighbor I couldn't concentrate on details. I didn't notice the red mini but the black AC Bristol caught my eye and the kit car Jaguar at the end of the row where the Gilbern was. It was fun including the ice bits falling from the sky.


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