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Officer elections - final call for candidates

Discussion in 'SAOCA Members and Discussion Forum' started by sunbby, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. sunbby

    sunbby Past SAOCA President Donation Time

    It's election season. I'm planning on opening the voting the beginning in December, running for a few weeks.

    Last call for candidates. So far here is the list I have. If anyone else is interested in running for an office please post here or contact me.

    **We still need candidate(s) for Secretary** Bill and/or Jim are you interested in that position?

    For those who have already agreed to run for office please reaffirm your status!

    Series6 - Nick Emmanouilides

    Vice President:
    Paul A - Pete Almjeld

    DanR-Dan Richardson

    Membership Director:
    Greggers-Greg Feist

    candidate(s) needed!

    Bill Blue-Bill Blue
    Alpine66-Jim Smith
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2015
  2. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Diamond Level Sponsor

    Barb says "Sure".


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