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Now for something just a little bit different...

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by Stormbringer, Jul 28, 2020 at 5:11 PM.

  1. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Silver Level Sponsor

    With all the discussion on axles and rear suspensions I thought I'd show what I've been up to. Most of the replacement axles mentioned on the board(ford 8", dana 44, etc) are scarce as hens teeth up here in WI, so I went the GM route and used '95 camaro axle with 3.42 gears and posi. Narrowed about 18" and new brackets for shocks, control arms, panhard rod etc. An S10 axle would work for a leaf spring set ups. Some my poo-poo the gm 7.5 axles but I've road raced them with engines over 375 hp and never had a problem. Drag racing with a heavy car and sticky tires may be a different animal, but this car will have a round 220hp and similar torque numbers. IMG_0140.JPG IMG_0141.JPG
  2. MikeH

    MikeH Platinum Level Sponsor

    Guess we’re not looking at an Alpine.
    PROCRAFT likes this.
  3. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Silver Level Sponsor

    Yes it is an Alpine. There wasn't much of the frame or floor pans that were salvageable so I just made new stuff.
  4. Gordon Holsinger

    Gordon Holsinger Diamond Level Sponsor

    Torque arm and wats linkage
  5. absunbeam

    absunbeam Platinum Level Sponsor

    Looks like you made a lot of progress in a year. I have a 8" 67 Mustang housing & axles i would like to part with. What V6 are you using?
  6. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Silver Level Sponsor

    3.5 v6 from '06 Malibu
    built a carb intake for it IMG_0095.JPG
    belmateo likes this.
  7. Gordon Holsinger

    Gordon Holsinger Diamond Level Sponsor

    Be wary of the oil pump in that family of engines
  8. husky drvr

    husky drvr Gold Level Sponsor


    Please explain in more detail.
  9. Barry

    Barry Platinum Level Sponsor

    Torque arm, yes. Panhard bar, yes. Watts linkage, no.
  10. belmateo

    belmateo Bronze Level Sponsor

    I like the direction you are going, this car will hook up very nicely. It looks like you already set the pinion angle as I don't see any adjustment on you Torque arm. Very nice manifold modification!
  11. Toyanvil

    Toyanvil Gold Level Sponsor

    That looks great and I like your lathe, here's mine.
  12. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Silver Level Sponsor

    That lathe looks brand new compared to my old machine!
  13. sd_pace

    sd_pace Gold Level Sponsor

    IMG_0485.JPG here's my monster
  14. Toyanvil

    Toyanvil Gold Level Sponsor

    It is, my friend had it still new in the boxes from 1964 sitting in his shop. I did install new bearing and belt, the original belt still had the label on it. I just built the stand for it.

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