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Non Le mans wanted

Discussion in 'Harrington Alpine' started by Limey, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor


    I am putting feelers out for a non Le Mans Harrington, any condition; bad to beautiful. If anyone can point me to a preferably UK vehicle i woiuld behappy to pay a finders commision. I am planning my next 5 year resto project and this is where I want to go.

    Drop me line even if its a good gossip.

    many thanks

  2. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    There was a restored light blue A type harrington for sale in sweeden (i think) it came up for sale last year.. its on ians harrington website in the for sale section. ;)
  3. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Gold Level Sponsor

    What a coincidence, I'm restoring a series I Harrington right now (NOT FOR SALE, however)
  4. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    non lemans

    does dave plan to race it or just drive it ? by the way,you didn't show up saturday. you missed all the food and drinks at doug's after the show. we had all kinds of cars show up at the shop, including an old VW bug.
  5. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    I hope that someday a "Harrington with fins" follows me home!
    Thanks to Ian for letting me drive his before it went down under. Eric
  6. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time


    This Harrington Alpine is back on the road after a complete restoration inside and out, painted in its original colour.

    The car is located in southern part of Sweden and the asking price is €18.000 ono. If you are interested more pics can be viewed from the restoration. Contact Jan Iggbom +4617151997 or email sunbeam.harrington@swipnet.se 10/01/09

    Oliver... there's the car
  7. Harrington Jan

    Harrington Jan Bronze Level Sponsor

    Tank you Michael,
    It was time to remind people of the ad. Car is still for sale.
  8. Harrington Jan

    Harrington Jan Bronze Level Sponsor

    This is a UK car and it will probably take some years to get on the road.
    The bootlid is very rare, just a few had them cantilevered.
    I have more pics if you like.
  9. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor


    I have emailed the owner this morning through the classified site. The mobile number listed did not connect. Do you know the seller? Is it still for sale?

    I hope he replies as this is exactly what I want. Long restorations are my preference anyway.

    Many thanks for this help!

  10. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor

  11. Harrington Jan

    Harrington Jan Bronze Level Sponsor

    Hi Oliver,
    I suggest we leave the Forum, send me a PM or contact me via the Harrington site with your email address and we continue from there. I know the owner.
  12. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor

    Dulce et decorum est pro Alpina penuri (geddit?)

    Thanks for all your help and good advice, Unfortunately no one told me not to so I'm going to see the Harrington basket case on Saturday. A plus point is that they are 99% Series II. I understand those (should do by now).

    Biggest plus in all this is that you Harrington crowd are obviously the Ninjas of the Alpine world :cool::D Tigers, shmigers.:p Abominations in the sight of the Lord etc.

    I had a bit of a conflict going on but I'm over it now . I have a daily driver Series II and a very rare (one of a kind?) Ashley hard top (Boot and rear glass open as one like a modern hatch back) and it would give me a car with identical good looks (and just as hard to do) as this HA. But I have always wanted a Harrington with fins and because I'l be dead and cold before I get my hands on a C or D Series I might as well take a punt on this jigsaw.

    Well, Sunday will see if I have 3 projects on the go or 2. Looks like the TVR and the speed boat might have to go:( Well, I bought them before I saw the light and I won't miss them truth be told.

    I'll take photos of the cantilever boot for info either way.

    Wish me luck because it's too late for common sense

  13. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor

    Hi Jan,

    Can you advise on re bonding the roof to the body? That's an area I will need help on

  14. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Gold Level Sponsor

    The Lemans is the only Harrington (I'm not sure of the C & D models) where the top is epoxy & bolted to the metal body. All the others are bolted on.
  15. napa 1

    napa 1 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Limey, please let us know how the viewing goes and if you come home with a project.
  16. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor

    Good, That makes it a bit easier. It has a donor body as the original was scrapped by a PO. I understand that all the relevent parts (doors etc) have been kept.

    Can you advise what work needs to be done to the rear body of the donor to make it as per Harrington. Any photos would be much appreciated from anybody.

    Many thanks!

  17. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    If you search the site Ian spencer had some pics of his light blue A type with the roof off while he was working on it.. they were VERY interesting pics.
  18. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor

    Great tip. Thanks. I will!
  19. John Boggis

    John Boggis Donation Time

    Oliver, don't you think you should finish one car before starting another ?
    And where is my chocolate bar !!!!!!:mad:
  20. Limey

    Limey Diamond Level Sponsor

    A man can't have too many projects on the go.

    You where looking a bit chubby in that shot of you and that Gullwing Merc you borrowed so I thought it in your best interests to eat the choce myself:p

    I bought some modern Servo pipe with one stripe with you in mind but on reflection you'll be wanting the real thing?

    Speak soon and I may relent and send the chocs later

    All the best


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