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Nissan SR-20 Conversion

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by 64beam, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. 64beam

    64beam Donation Time


    For all you converts, I spotted a converted Alpine at the Sunbeam Nationals I attended this weekend. The car was immaculately presented with some other custom mods. Here are some pictures of it.

    Regards, Robin.
  2. Sunbeam Canada

    Sunbeam Canada Donation Time

    Hi Robin,

    I have been reading up on the SR20-DET motors and it's an option I want to go with. Did you get this persons contact info.? If so, I would be interested.
  3. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    Ohan, I hope you noticed that on this particular installation, there is no way both cowl braces can be used. You may be able to finagle around that problem. Don't know about you, but when making an engine swap, cowl braces are high on my list of Alpine parts that must be retained. Like essential.

  4. Chuck Ingram

    Chuck Ingram Donation Time

    I don't think that would be too hard to manage a cowl to fender brace.Might look a bit different for sure.I also think cowl braces are essential
  5. 64beam

    64beam Donation Time

    Hi Ohan,

    I could do some searching for you to try and get an email address if he has one and let you know. In regard to the right hand bracing, in the photo there is something connected to the firewall which could be a brace, but not sure. He did'nt go for the turbo as there was more than enough power with the efi.

    Regards, Robin.
  6. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    I can only see the steering rack(?) welded to the firewall support brace, but based on that it looks like very clean fab work. I'd like to see more pictures of the steering, looks interesting to say the least.
  7. 64beam

    64beam Donation Time

    Hi Robert,

    Unfortunately I don't have any more pictures of the engine bay. The pictures don't do it justice though. The car looked magic :cool: .

    Regards, Robin.
  8. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    If you look real close, I think there is something bolted to where the right cowl brace goes. I amagine that it has been custom fabricated to fit under the plenum. The quality of fabrication, as far as I can see, is superb, so don't believe he would delete it.

  9. 64beam

    64beam Donation Time

    Hi Jose,

    The good work did'nt stop in the engine bay either. He made up a custom wind deflector behind the seats and a very nice custom console in the car as well. I did'nt get a chance to take a photo of the interior unfortunately. The whole car was done to a very high standard.

    Regards, Robin.
  10. bashby

    bashby Donation Time

    Nissan CA18DET

    I am in process of installing the Nissan CA18DET, the SR20's "baby brother" it fits very well and both cowl braces are intact. easily 200HP on 1.8 liter turbo.
  11. 64beam

    64beam Donation Time


    I nearly bought a Series V with the same motor in it. Unfortunately I did'nt test drive it, but a club member bought it instead. Apparently it went very well. Post some pictures for us to see.

    Regards, Robin.

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