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MidOhio Vintage GP info email

Discussion in 'Rootes Racing' started by Ken Ellis, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    Got this message in my inbox earlier today...

  2. Alpine.67

    Alpine.67 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Ken: packing the trl and truck for the races. We lv in the AM on Thursday and are on track at 8 AM Friday and again at 1:15 PM.
    Did good at Elkhart lake race in May I got two second places in the big races over the weekend.

    Are you going to Mid-oh !!

    Very good picture, can you send the email. I would like to print off the picture to save

  3. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    Email to your mmm address rejected... Is there another I should try? PM me, and I'll re-send.
  4. Alpine.67

    Alpine.67 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Use my bbabb36@gmail.com the 3M email is long gone now
    or my new mbmotorsports53@gmail.com

  5. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    Qualifying delay due to lightning. Safety car circling now to check track. (No delay if rain only.)
    And we're back! 4:05. Abbreviated sessions for the rest of the afternoon.
    (Crappy cellphone pictures to follow...)

    Here's Brad, in the venerable #53.


    And Dan Rosenthal in #52, '66 Tiger. I've seen Dan here a couple of times, and when last I spoke with him, he drives the Tiger from Cincinnati, with racing tires in the back, and camps out at the track. Old school. (Don't know if he's still doing this, though.)


    I thought I saw a white Alpine on lap 1 of qualifying, but didn't see it again, and don't see another listed in the entries list. Might have been a ghost Alpine... or a late entry.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  6. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    The white alpine probably was the car once owned by Carl Christianson. The current owner is from Michigan . A real duck drencher of a rain hit about 7:00 P.M. I have the hard top on the green car and amazingly it stayed dry inside. Double rainbow now.
  7. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    Results will be here: https://svra.com/race-results/

    Here's a pic of Brad Babb in battle, entering the Esses at turn 4:

    And Dan Rosenthal's Tiger in nearly the same place:

    Not many entrants sported actual license plates. Mark of a manly racer.

    These photos credit Kyle Ellis.

    Dan had an unfortunate run-in with some tires due to brake fade; he is fine, and the car will be once he buffs out some fender dents. He may be looking for front and rear fender sheetmetal, plus a new stick of Tiger trim for the side. That should be available pretty cheap, right? Geoff Tedder, original owner of Brad's #53, helped out Dan with post-race logistics.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
  8. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    The door and left rear fender are something that can easily be fixed. The dents aren't that bad although will need to be pulled out. The front fender may 0623181714b.jpg need sectioned somewhere above the front wheel. The door lines are still good and the door opens. Dan said it will be fixed and will race again this year. Brad finished in third today and was on the podium.
  9. Mike O'D

    Mike O'D Gold Level Sponsor

    I have a fender if he is looking.

  10. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Is it a round corner or square corner door, but hard to tell in the photos.

    I can see bonnet is round corner, but the car has the mkia style soft top setup and gt door trims.
  11. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    This Tiger has had repairs before. Maybe something got changed. A green Alpine won Judge's Choice Best of Show in the British show Saturday.

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