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MG Club and ME!

Discussion in 'Dallas / Ft. Worth Chapter' started by TulsaAlpine, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. TulsaAlpine

    TulsaAlpine Donation Time

    My other local club (MG) is encouraging everyone to attend, not a British show but it is at a nut house, LOL
    Not sure which car I will drive Sky or Sunbeam, but the weather is suppose to be wonderful! Band is great in fact I know this group they were pals of my late husband.

    Oct 24, 2009
    Route 66 Pecan and Fun Fest Car Show
    Hot Rods and Classics
    At the Historic Nut House
    3 miles east of the Blue Whale on Route 66
    Take a right soon after crossing the bridge
    Free Event Shirt with Entry
    Early Entry $20
    After Oct 14, $25
    Car Show Runs 10am-5pm
    Oldies by Dale
    Sock Hop Featuring
    Mid Life Crisis at 8pm
  2. Alpineracer8

    Alpineracer8 Donation Time


    I am very familiar with the band "Midlife Crysis." Their bassist is a big wheel at the OU School of Music. In fact, he may be the Dean...don't quote me on that, though. They play as a warmup band to "1964, the Tribute" whenever they come to Norman and the OU Catlett Music Center. If you don't know, "1964..." is a fantastic Beatles-tribute band that is a must see. I know that they play the Brady Theater in Tulsa every year. Go see them if you haven't already.
  3. TulsaAlpine

    TulsaAlpine Donation Time

    The other guitarest

    John Dougherty was a good friend of my late Husband Bruce, when we had the pawn shop he would come in and tune all the guitars for Bruce. John is a pharmaceutical rep aka drug dealer, LOL They do play a lot of Beatles songs the drummer used to cut his hair like Sr. Paul.

  4. Alpineracer8

    Alpineracer8 Donation Time

    The name "John Dougherty" didn't ring a bell so I looked the band up on the Internet. Sure enough, there is more than one band with that name. The one that I was talking about is based out of OKC and spells their name "Midlife Crysis." So, we're talking about two different bands here. Sorry to lead you down the wrong path...

  5. TulsaAlpine

    TulsaAlpine Donation Time

    Tulsa Band!

    Well shoot I was feeling puny last night and then this morning, just sore throat congestion but with work passing around swine flu I felt that I needed to take it easy and not sit in the cold air all morning. Jim and I did go on over in the afternoon and visit the car show. I never ran a fever so whatever I have can not be too bad, was nice to be out in the warm sunshine. A lot of classic car owners had the same ideal not to many at the car show, was a great set up they had crafts and fair food. We left at 4pm and I did not see the band not sure if they were sitting up or not? What was even more interesting was saw dozens of classic cars out just driving around, and passed the Porsche club out on a drive, all lined up!
    Tulsa is in the height of fall foliage, the trees are just alive with color!


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