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Loading pictures

Discussion in 'Questions About/Issues With the Site' started by Bill Blue, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Diamond Level Sponsor

    Okay gang, the site now loads my photos. The problem is it plops them all together at the end of the text, making it impossible to comment on individual photos. Is that just the way it is and is going to be? I feel that without the ability to comment, I might as well drop a gang of photos with just a heading, such as "Leaf spring love and attention".

  2. Fergusonic

    Fergusonic Donation Time

    Still can't load my own photos in a Private Message.
  3. Greggers

    Greggers SAOCA Vice President Platinum Level Sponsor

    That feature hasn’t be turned on. There’s a limit to how big the site’s database can be, and photos in messages would eat that up too fast. It was decided that if you need to share photos, you can move the conversation to email or use one of the image-sharing services.
  4. Greggers

    Greggers SAOCA Vice President Platinum Level Sponsor

    To control how the images appear, you can click the “Thumbnail” or “Full Image” buttons near the photos. Do nothing and they’re a pile at the bottom of your post. Here’s a full image of the side of my white car.

    And here’s a photo of the rear of the car.

    Down here is a thumbnail of the front of the same car. People can click on it and make it bigger.

  5. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Diamond Level Sponsor

    Thanks Greg. Worked like a charm.

  6. Greggers

    Greggers SAOCA Vice President Platinum Level Sponsor

    This seems like as good a place as any to mention that I’ve changed the language at the bottom of the little box where you post things.

    Up until a few minutes ago, the thing you clicked to post an image said, “Upload a File.” It was pointed out to me that that language might be unclear. So I’ve changed it to, “Post Image(s).”

    Hopefully this helps folks find the button more easily. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
  7. buckalpine3

    buckalpine3 Gold Level Sponsor

    Thanks that helps

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