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License Plate Light

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by ceecpa, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. ceecpa

    ceecpa Donation Time

    I just realized my Series V doesn't have any illumination for the license tag at the rear. Does anyone have a picture of that end of the car showing the license plate light?

    Chuck Edwards
  2. lemansvk

    lemansvk Donation Time

    I never owned a Series V but presume the licence plate lamp is similar to that fitted on earlier models. On my S III it is found behind the bumper, just below the trunk lock. It consists of a diamond-shape fitting which aligns with a hole on the body, is attached to the body with two bolts and which holds the bulb. The bulb is covered with a glass dome which is held in place by a 'U' shaped wire clip . So, if you have some unexplained holes below your trunk lock, this is what they are for.

    This fitting is common to other Rootes cars of the era like the Hillman Minx and Husky. They sometimes appears on Ebay UK - watch for the ones advertised as being for Hillmans as they are identical but usually cost half as much as 'Sunbeam Alpine' ones :)

    I don't have a pic with me but can send you one later today

    Cheers, Vic
  3. Wombat

    Wombat Donation Time

    Some of the later US Alpines had 2 lights mounted to the bumper (may have varied state to state??)
  4. sunbeammadd

    sunbeammadd Donation Time

    Not only in the US. I've seen those in Australia too. I think they were universal on the last batch of Alpines.

    The bumper-mounted lights were common with the Stiletto and later Imp Sports, and I think they may be the same as the ones used on contemporary MGBs.

    You can see them on the bumper of my Imp in this picture: http://www.rootes-chrysler.co.uk/cotm/cotmindex2004f.htm

    Chuck, could your car be one of these late models, but fitted with an earlier bumper so there's nowhere for the lights to go?
  5. alpineiv

    alpineiv Guest

    Hi Russ,

    yes, the Series V Alpine I had ( the one I sold to Gary Scott) had the two seperate lights on the bumper. Also had the non peaked headlight rims like the Mk 2 Tiger. It was a very late Series V, early 1968 I think. It also had the two Wipac reversing lights below the bumper, but I'm not sure if they were standard or optional.

  6. ceecpa

    ceecpa Donation Time

    My Series V has a VIN of B395010739RX. I'm not sure if it's early or late, but it seems to be a 1967 model. I'll crawl under the rear bumper to see if there are holes in the body. There are no holes in the bumper - thanks for the picture of the neat Imp.

    I'm getting the S-V ready for Great Race Class rallies in the SCCA. I tried to post a .bmp picture of an Imp in the Shell 4000 but I couldn't get it to fit into the 19.5 kb limit.

    Thanks for the help.

    Chuck Edwards
  7. ceecpa

    ceecpa Donation Time

    I found it! I had to remove the bumper but there they were - both of 'em. Two bulbs, 12v 6w, were all that was required. Now the license plate can be seen in darkness by all.

    I also have two MGBs and I'm in constant discovery mode about how well the S-V is designed.

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