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LH to RH

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by JonPiz, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. JonPiz

    JonPiz Donation Time

    As we drive on the correct side in the UK and the majority of the human race drive on the wrong side ;) , if I wanted to convert my LHD to RHD what parts are interchangable and what is unique.

    By the way like the chrome restoration trick if you rub root beer soaked brown paper onto your veneered dashboard it will restore it to near concours condition:D
  2. mikephillips

    mikephillips Donation Time

    Having done this myself just for the heck of it, you need a steering column, the idler arm assembly, glove box with bare dash, longer clutch master to slave line and the three pedal assemblies. I also put in a RHD wiring harness since the old one was going to be replaced anyway. You might be able to make the LHD wiring work but it would probably mean splicing longer runs into some of it. The rest will work with either RHD or LHD. However if you want to be correct you should get the RHD wiper arms as well since they should park on the opposite side and the end of the bayonet curves the other direction.
  3. skywords

    skywords Donation Time

    I hear in the UK they are going to try switching the traffic to the R/H side of the road and in two weeks if everything goes well they are going to let the trucks do it also.;)
  4. Steve Kirk

    Steve Kirk Guest

    You need the following.

    Change the steering box and idler arm.

    Change the pedals (they curve the opposite way)

    Change the dash and glove box

    Alter the wiring for the new dash

    The brake and clutch master cylinders are on the opposite side so they will need to be moved. The pipes from the master cylinders will be of different lengths. The brake master cylinder is different on LHD to RHD cars

    The handbrake lever needs to be moved. I believe the mechanism on the rear axle needs to be changed.

    The wipers park on the opposite side and are interchanged with the washer holes. This could be left as it.

    Headlights should be changed also.

    Good Luck
  5. Wombat

    Wombat Donation Time

    Everything that everyone else has said plus:

    The bracket under the dash that holds the top of the steering column may be different (has different part number)

    The bracket that bolts to the floor for the dipswitch

    If you want to be fussy, the false floor on the LH (now passengers) side.
  6. mikephillips

    mikephillips Donation Time

    I forgot about the steering column bracket, it is indeed different since the scuttle assembly has a curve to it. You either need another one or do like I did and modify the LHD one. As for the base for the dimmer, it mounts directly to the bump on the side of the transmission tunnel and doesn't use a piece like the LHD cars. The emergency brake assembly, at least for the cars with one cable and a rod, can just have the complete thing flipped over and reused.
  7. Steve Kirk

    Steve Kirk Guest

    I thought of something else that applies to the early series 1 and 2 cars. Not sure about the later cars. The overdrive (if fitted) and indicator switches are on opposite sides of the steering coloum.

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