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Is there a "SOURCE" for 1963 front suspension parts ?

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by fonz, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    1963 front suspension parts ? Lower Ball Joints/Link Pins, (whatever they are ? ) upper and lower Bushings ? I don't see Anyone listing parts for 1963, only 65 up ! HELP ! :)
  2. Hillman

    Hillman Gold Level Sponsor

    A few years ago, before I lost my SII in a fire, I decided it was a lot easier and cheaper to upgrade it's suspenion to SV:
    Parts available - check
    Cheaper - check
    Easier - check
    Better - maybe, mabe not

    If I had an early series today, I'd just upgrade but I am a driver (when I have an operational car) not an originality guy.
  3. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    BUT THEN, Don't the CONTROL ARMS, SPINDLES, brakes and everything else need to be changed ? trying to do do this on a budget.
  4. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Fonz, in theory the complete front end swap is easier if you find one in good condition with only consumables required. The parts for later front ends are cheaper and easier to replace.

    If rebuilding the early fromt end sunbeam specialties and classic sunbeam usually have the early style ball joints and king pins and bushes..

    If not speedy spares in the UK carry them and you often find the parts NOS on ebay UK.

    Ive rebuilt earlier front end.. If you keep them greased properly they will outlast the later style and in theory handle slightly better ...but many have not been kept to the regulat maintenance schedule
  5. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    IS THERE A VIDEO ONLINE ON hOW TO DISASSEMBLE THE LOWER KING PINS ? I've got the NUTS off, tried getting it all red hot, and pb blaster, do the threaded horizontal rods, get Screwed out ? there is a flat side on one end of them. can't even find a decent Exploded view of the assembly. Help please. thanks
  6. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Fonz, the WSM goes through the process, take your time and follow the instructions.

    Same goes for reassembly some of the parts must be final tightened when loaded.
  7. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    WSM ?? what is that ?
  8. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    I've got the haynes manual and it is pretty useless.
  9. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Work Shop Manual. Rootes issued these for the sunbeams. I think people have uoloaded copies online if you do a web search
  10. husky drvr

    husky drvr Gold Level Sponsor


    The link is on the home page under " TECH DATA"

    For your use, Work Shop Manual 124 (WSM 124) for the earlier Alpines, about halfway down the link listing page. It's formatted section by section.


  11. Hillman

    Hillman Gold Level Sponsor

    Yes, they do. I found a complete SV front crossmember for about $100. A lot of it was ok. Spent money on those things that needed fixing.
  12. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    what is involved with installing a "rack & pinion" into a alpine ? ( as far as the steering arms go?), I realize they have to point frontwards for the rack to work. Can they be flipped around ? side to side? Is there a tutorial, without having to find TIGER suspension parts ??? Thanks
  13. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    a full front suspension for '65 up for $100 ?! I'd like to find that deal
  14. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Installing a tiger system apart from the expense is a retrograde step. The Tiger has very poor steering geometry because of the location of the rack to clear the v8.

    Some people have installed mazd and morris minor and subaru racks.. But that is usually sone as part of an engine swap for clearance.

    A complete front x member out of any 1964-68 rootes audaux bodied car or alpine would work for you.

    There is a late series alpine with a front left guard cut off for $400 listed on the site... That would give you a full front end and full Synchro box/ rear end too....
  15. Mike O'D

    Mike O'D Gold Level Sponsor


    You need some special tools and a good arbor press to properly disassemble an early front end. You also need to take some very careful measurements to make sure you can get everything back together properly.
  16. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

  17. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    I pressure washed everything, removed all the nuts/bolts, heated it up cherry red, put on alot of pb blaster, and YES, it definitely needs a" press"
  18. fonz

    fonz Bronze Level Sponsor

    "I found a complete SV front cross member for about $100. A lot of it was ok." HAS ANYONE GOT A '65 UP FRONT SUSPENSION TO SELL, not too far from Fla ??(shipping). Thanks

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