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Interior Pics

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by Lester, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Lester

    Lester Donation Time

    I'd love to see pics of your interiors, especially SIII GT's. My SIII ST is in need of a new interior and I am looking for inspiration. Any pics, from purist original to severely modified would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Lester
  2. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

  3. napa 1

    napa 1 Platinum Level Sponsor

  4. 61Alpine

    61Alpine Donation Time

    Nice car. Good job. Looks great.
  5. Lester

    Lester Donation Time

    John, indeed. great looking car! does anyone know if the colored piping was for the GTs as well? My color code is 67, light green metallic with apple green piping. I believe they might be repro seat covers, but they have the green piping. I don't know may have made these. Has anyone considered or pulled off a mgb style console? Also, in the old b&w pics, I see what looks like a trim ring around the shift boot? I'd love one that fits our boots.
    Thanks, Lester
  6. Jim E

    Jim E Donation Time

    The seats in my S3 GT are not correct but here it is.




  7. v13311

    v13311 Silver Level Sponsor

    John, Nice Dash! Would you mind telling us what you have those extra toggle switches on your dash hooked up to?

  8. Alpineracer8

    Alpineracer8 Donation Time

    Shifter boot rings


    You had made mention of the shifter boot ring that you saw on the old black and white photos. Actually, what you're seeing is the original rubber shift lever boot that all Alpines have. To my knowledge, the GTs didn't even have a boot ring, just a rubber boot (please, somebody correct me if I'm wrong). The Tigers, however, had a ring (some say chrome, some say black around the rubber boot...mine is chrome) around the rubber shift lever boot.

    Hope that helps you,
  9. napa 1

    napa 1 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Sure. On the left side of the wheel, Aux (possibly for electric engine fan), Washer pump in the middle, Wipers. On the right side... lights, panel & map , spot & fog, blower.
  10. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Donation Time

    interior shots

    Boy now I am going to have to redo my whole car.. :mad: Some times it does'nt pay to look .. Gees
    Sure is a nice one.:D
  11. Lester

    Lester Donation Time

    Jim, that is quite nice! I'd hope mine looks that good some day.
    Where can one get a "tiger" shift boot ring. It's bugging me just sitting there loose.
  12. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    the tiger shift rins is larger than the alpine shifter opening and fits a different tunnel. You could modify one to fit, but i think you seem to have nmore important jobs to do than that. The rubber boot should not be loose, it slots into the edge of the shifter cover with a groove in the rubber boot, maybe you need to buy a new boot.
  13. napa 1

    napa 1 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Lester, I've got an extra shift boot (new) I'll send you if you need it.
  14. Lester

    Lester Donation Time

    too right...more important things for sure! I guess I just assumed that these chrome rings were merely asthetic bits that screwed into the tunnel with glorified sheet metal screws. I didn't realize that they fit into special holes in the trans. Well, thinking of the interior keeps me sane. Being a painter, cosmetics are easy for me and fun as well. It's the engine that I'm scared of.
  15. gordonra

    gordonra Donation Time

    I bought a new boot for mine and it's too small for the opening in the cover. I asked the supplier (Classic Sunbeam) and they said that it was the best fit they could get.

    I querried SS.... they said that they buy theirs from Classic and that it's as good as it gets.

    Does anyone know where to get one with a better fit?


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