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Hillman Husky Series III '63 production

Discussion in 'Huskies, Imps, Rapiers, Fastbacks, etc.' started by bigaadams, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    Hello, am new to group and even newer to the Hillman series of cars. Acquired a Husky, 63 year, while it is rough in many places...it is not as bad as many other cars similar year. I have done a lot of looking on the internet, not much out there for this model that I can find. Some suppliers are having difficulties with their internet and are down so no replies to inquiries at this time. As is based on another series car, I have no idea what parts may interchange given any will. I am concerned more about the rubber seals for all the glass than anything else at this minute. If the body glass cannot be supported with parts there may not be need to pursue to any great depth. I have read also a number of rubber components that just cannot be fit once purchased also, never a good shout out. So to fellow Husky owners, particularly the series III I would like to hear from you, your scrounging efforts and any suitable substitutes. Thanks you....I go by Big-A and what ever you want to place for A is fine with me...have heard it all....lol
  2. husky drvr

    husky drvr Platinum Level Sponsor

    High Big-A,

    Welcome to the forum. One of the least utilized ones on the site. I can't help much beyond general advice and maybe pointing in a certain direction. Mechanically and structurally, there is a lot in common with the Alpine - by theory anyway, parts not so much. This stands to reason if you know the Alpine was based on the Husky's floorpan layout. Body wise, I will say you will probably find more info in the Australia, New Zealand, and U.K. markets. At one time I had found some of the info you are seeking. I'm thinking two computers ago. Oh well...

    Here is a link on the Australian Hillman club site listing potential suppliers. I don't know if it is current, but it's a start...


    Now I am guessing, is this the Husky you found?


    If so, do you have the opening side windows to go with it, or just the plain solid side windows? If just the plain ones as pictured, that could make a simpler issue. In the page of links given above, there is a listing for WEFCO in California. Their catalog has a notation for at least some of the side pieces for the movable side windows. You might want to talk to them about a stock profile, to be used without the sliding windows, that you could use to have a solid side window installed.

    Sorry to take so long to answer your post,

  3. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    Thanks for the reply Don. That is not the car I have, the one I got has been off the road over 3 decades. As to the rear glass, yes mine are of the sliding variety. I have burnt up some internet time looking about. At the moment I have an ongoing conversation with a chap in Australia that may be able to help. We exchanging info at this time to assure we have the same 'speak' on car part descriptions. I also have called Pete S. at Wefco and we are at an impasse even with me quoting his stated die numbers and only after a couple e-mail I finally was told that the actual seals previously listed on the website by die numbers was reported back to him as not a good fit and asked for me to send him a cross section of what I need to match. He also does not by his word stock given rubber but extrude each order as it arrives so a sample seemingly is out of the question. Sad part is after some 36 years in a Florida woods the rubber is so deteriorated there is no way to identify its original look nor could I reasonably guess at it. I do not have said cross sections to send, only glass still in the car beside the passenger doors is the windscreen at the front. If anyone here has a drawing of the correct cross section I would be elated to see that. Also I have no clue as to how the original rubber at the rear door sealed to the body. I say this based on inspecting the crime scene and the manner the lip of the channel was bent to try and keep in check the seal pushing the door out and standing proud of the adjoining body panel. I by looking at the design of the channel figure it is a rectangular soft seal that glues into the channel itself as similar to a couple other cars I own but again, this is just my take. It is like this with a newly acquired car that one has no previous experience first hand and the learning curve is often very steep. Sadly also is there is often hundreds of miles between owners of similar cars. Two of the glasses had over time fallen out of the back of the body and I removed the other sliding side glass assembly so not to lose in along the highway bringing it home. Same with the rear lenses...the thread posts were about rusted through and most were very lose so removed them to prevent loss. These were an quick and easy fix with the higher quality nut inserts. So in closing if any Husky owners can share some drawing/cross sections and dimension of rubber for the rear sliding glass seal...I am all ears....and as always...thank in advance for your time.
  4. Gordon Holsinger

    Gordon Holsinger Diamond Level Sponsor

    There is a company called Steele rubber co I’m the US that has all kinds of rubber shapes with dimensionsI think if you contact them you can get their master catalogue.
  5. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    I have the Steel master.....and I cannot find a profile with dimensions given...I have three other catalogs and again, dimensions are the block....my main go to company is closed for Covid cleaning per their answering machine and should be back to taking calls tomorrow. I have two profiles I want to inquire of dimensions and maybe with an explanations of my need these guys can suggest something in return. They pretty good...mainly a US supplier but they have bailed me out with LBC work-arounds in the past. I try to stay away from lots of Steele products as the durometer of their rubber is oft times too hard and will not compress and in cases of door seals and trunk lids...they stand proud of the adjoining body line. I try to use Clester's when possible as Bob pays a bit of attention to this aspect. Steele catalog when I last looked was online. Located a few parts already....this sliding rear glass is eating my lunch...
  6. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    let me clarify a bit when I say I cannot find the dimensions....while overall width and height is often depicted, pinch weld and glass ways are often not given...it is assumed in this case the glass will be 1/4 and pinch is often 1/8 max. The sliding frame of the side glass is 3/8 wide and thus the channel will need to be able accommodate this width. It then appears that the remaining of the track get yet another rubber glass channel inserted (squared U) into this to reduce the overall width to allow the setting of the glass which is 3/16. The killer at the time is not so much the profile as it is of the type that clearly has no retaining garnish molding, but finding a width of 3/8". I was hoping that a fellow member had cleared this hurdle here before. The section of rubber I have is as stated deteriorated badly but it definitely appears to have a second liner in the glass track to reduce for the 3/16" glass that is the other 58" of the opening. The metal frame for the sliding glass seat base is 3/8 x 3/8 and runs some 48 1/2 inches...
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2020
  7. Hillman

    Hillman Gold Level Sponsor

    Another resource is https://groups.io/g/HillmanCars

    You could contact the owner of this site https://macgregorukcarparts.com/ He doesn't list Hillman on the site but he will know if something fits. Don't be surprised if you get voicemail and don't be surprised if he is slow responding.

    Despite my name I no longer own a Hillman (had a Minx drophead when I joined this site) unkess you can call my Imp with a Sunbeam badge a Hillman.
  8. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    I have a project for in the morning and will try to get a note to macgregor...by the way, thanks for the link....they list a number of seals and such for my Jensen Interceptors. The Hillman list I tried to subscribe to a week ago and came up with NLA as they were dropped from the Yahoo.groups it seems and my searching did not provide an new host....so again, I thank you for this link also.

    I am so surprised that no one here has any drawing or the sliding glass rubber seal. If I had a good cross section I would probably would be much closer to finding what I need. So again I ask, if anyone has a sample, old piece laying about or a decent drawing...I am sure it will put me on the right track....right now, I can only guess at the profile and I don't like guessing...
  9. husky drvr

    husky drvr Platinum Level Sponsor


    I kind of think the biggest problem is just there isn't a very big market for these seals and no one really had access to the engineering information. So anything that's been developed was more of a trial based on a bad sample. Combine the development expense and lead times involved, I imagine no one wanted to try to reverse engineer these complex seals. If you aren't aware, the sliders were only standard in export units. They were optional in the home market.

    I'm not sure if this is info is researched and cataloged at the Rootes archives, or even if they have those records. An inquiry there might help if you want accurate dimensions. If they have the info, there is a cost involved. The center is run by volunteers a couple of days a week. Due to Covid-19, I imagine retired volunteers don't show up even that much. If you are willing to wait and deal with the possible expense, I think that will give you the best chance to get the information you are seeking.

    You also might want to get in touch with Eric G. (65sunbeam) here on the forum. If anyone has a sample, he might. It probably wont be any better than what you have in hand. He also has some interest in the Huskies.

  10. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    Eric and I have been friends for some 35 years...we worked together for a number of years civil service and we both we stationed at Charleston in the AF reserves....it is due to Eric I have this little beast to play with as we both transported this car and another from the seller to my place. Eric has a couple of these I know and the one has no glass in it and the other is a slider like mine and I know he is not at a point/position for to pull these for a possible cross section. I would not ask anyone to do that but I was not aware that these are so uncommon no one has any information on the sliding glass seal. I will get this done by hook crook or bad medicine as they say. The project for the day was not completed to about 5PM and I have been since May awaiting this to arrive at my place. Now on to bigger and better things as I erect my Bendpak alignment lift over however long it may take me working alone. Nothing like 1000 lb run ways working solo....
  11. husky drvr

    husky drvr Platinum Level Sponsor


    Small world.

    I'll speculate that because the Tiger is so desired, and valued accordingly, reproduction parts were developed. The Alpine parts got to sort of follow along on the Tiger's coattails. The Husky didn't have such lead into the reproduction parts field. Due to the Husky's relatively low value, not many specific parts have been developed. Not because there's no market, just no one is willing to make that kind of investment with no return.

    I'll try to get some pics but don't expect much, they're still installed.
  12. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    Don...you hanging in with this and I appreciate your every effort. I was just out in the shop and looked close at one small segment of rubber even if highly disfigured and deteriorated, I have a profile that I drew and estimated appox. measurements. I will try to photo this drawing and send it along after bit. Maybe you can look close at yours and tell me if I am on the right track. It appears the rubber has a channel for the glass/sliding frame to set into...this is approx.3/8 x 3/8 and then the single pane 3/16 thick fixed piece of glass is set in yet another channel and glued within the 3/8 x 3/8.

    On another note I called my trim supplier with the information and even asked if there was a commercial application possibly with 3/8 thick glass....(commercial building glass is fairly thick) was not able yet to possible application. HOWEVER we were both looking toward similar rubber used on the rear door glass and that is NOT going to work as today I measured the opening and the glass and they are the same...conclusion, glass sits inside the car at a level equal to the height of the outside pinch weld slot of the rubber profile. I have not been my local agriculture supply house for possible glass seal for the modern AC tractors and then we still have RV and possible firefighter equipment with heavier glass and not to forget marine applications either.

    I look forward to any close up pics in and out that you can provide. As always...many thanks for your help.
  13. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    After a couple life events, building installed on my concrete and storms....I am able to look at this again for a minute. This is what I have viewed the distorted rubber as maybe having looked like new or at least very close to this. The rubber liner at the upper corner that is for the fixed glass to set within the 3/8 channel is a easy to procure item. I know this is reaching out and a long shot as many send their glass work out to be done and thus have no idea the look of the rubber....there are however a number of DIYer who hopefully can recall if this profile is anywhere close. Thank again to everyone here.

  14. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    My trim supplier sent a message that he has no access to a channel with a glass set of 3/8" But on a positive note, all the other rubber has been sourced and just arrived into US and in customs now.
  15. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    Please share photos of the new trims and who you got it from when it arrives to help us few Husky owners out there!
    thanks, Eric
  16. bigaadams

    bigaadams Donation Time

    Eric...you know I will....just wish to verify application when it gets here. Side window issue could be expensive and maybe still not work...cannot get a sample piece got to buy a pig in the poke as they say....the inner filler is not an issue, common with dressed bead or plain. Meanwhile I have recorded the measurements of the glass combo. Work continues with shop prep for larger lift install. making headway albeit at a slow rate. Lost this morning with computer issues that after a bit of diagnostics from my end assured it was a ISP problem....called them....about 35 minutes later new IPS and newly instituted protocols in place....back up and running. Thermonuclear meltdown avoided...sometimes I wonder if downloading double ought buck may be the best application.

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