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Harrington D @ Carlisle

Discussion in 'Harrington Alpine' started by 65beam, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    100_0298.JPG Found this photo of Rick Kellett's D type Harrington. This was taken at the TE/AE bash at the Carlisle Import several years ago.
  2. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    Didn't know that a D-type Harrington exists in US. Nice car and picture though...
  3. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    Rick brought it to the states when he moved here a number of years ago. He had a LeMans but the Ex got it and I've heard that it may have had another owner or two since then. I haven't talked to any of the guys in the D.C. area since last summer and Rick's health had turned for the worse so I don't know what his son has done with this car. We were in Pittsburgh a few years back when he was still vintage racing and while we were eating breakfast he offered to sell this car to me. Probably should have bought it but we were in the middle of another project.
  4. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    Would have bought it instantly. How often does a D-type come up for sale ? On the other hand I well understand about too many projects burdens...
  5. jdoclogan

    jdoclogan Platinum Level Sponsor

    Buel Ish and his Harrington D-type. Bernd, now we can count 2 out of 15 made reside in the US.

    Three Harringtons at ABFM in Washington State.
  6. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    Cool, another nice picture. Looks like a Harrington Meeting @ Washington State.
    I once bought a D-type partial interior in UK and was told it originally came from one of the Chris McGovern cars. Not sure whether he had one but sold it back to UK to another D-type owner who passed it on to somebody who just has a roof. One of the interesting D-type features is the foldable armrest integrated into the rear seat rest .The rest is also foldable like on the HLM. It goes too far here but there are further notable differences though...
  7. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    There were three Harringtons at last years invasion in S. Carolina. 110_0756.JPG 110_0755.JPG 110_0754.JPG
  8. Bobbytriumph

    Bobbytriumph Silver Level Sponsor

    My car is coming out of body and paint shortly. Still missing one side spear and both of the very rear drop down trim pieces that look like hockey sticks. Pipe dream to find them anywhere? If so we have a fabricator out here in So. Cal. It won't be cheap but I have no pattern for the hockey stick (I have one of the spear trims. Any ideas folks? If I make them I will make other sets as well. No idea on cost right now but if anyone has them, let m know. Cheers- Bert Bennett. So Cal
  9. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    Sent you a PM...
  10. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    I wonder what my complete spare set of trim is worth?

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