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Engine Stuttering under load

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by alpiner, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. pruyter

    pruyter Donation Time

    Hi George,

    I started with a fuel pressure of 2 lbs in combination with an electric fuel pump, but the result was an engine which was not picking up the revs as it should. So I rised the fuel pressure to 3 lbs and all was fine again.
    The petrol pump is a Weber one. I should have placed the pump down near the fuel tank but I took the easy way and placed the pump on the inside wing in the engine bay. Perhaps that caused that 2 lbs was not sufficient for a needed fuel supply, I am just guessing....
  2. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    The DD manifold is a reference to down draft ( the single compound carb option)

    Later rootes cars, post 65 in models like the scepter had a manifold with curved runners that picked up from 2 points in the plenum giving a more even distribution of the mixture to the outer cylinders. The Peirce manifold is similar to that. They come up quite often on eBay UK and I am very surprised you had issue finding the stock alpine manifold had you looked outside your home country.

    As for the tiger, the fuel saving on the 5 speed is the 3rd advantage.... The 2 better ones are taking advantage of the torque of the engine and allowing it to cruise comfortably on freeways at low rpm giving the motor and the driver a nice relaxed time, and secondly you get to run a shorter better accelerating first gear but also better cruising gear, best of both worlds making it a more enjoyable car to use...

    As a side note I also own a tiger mkia with a 340hp 302 and had a stock mki as well, both great cars but a 5 speed would really enhance both the cruising and performance aspects of the driving experience.
  3. chazza

    chazza Donation Time

  4. George Coleman

    George Coleman Gold Level Sponsor

    The electric fuel pumps are better at pushing than pulling. I do know that the Webers do not like that high fuel pressure, just a thought.
  5. RootesRooter

    RootesRooter Platinum Level Sponsor

    With their diagram of the 32/36, Redline (distributor of Weber parts) "recommends 3 lbs fuel pressure MAX. For aggressive offroad, 2 lbs pressure MAX.
  6. oLD lIMEY

    oLD lIMEY Donation Time

    Electric Fuel pumps are better pushing fuel it cuts down on fuel vaporisation. So better as close to the tank as possible.
  7. George Coleman

    George Coleman Gold Level Sponsor

    If you need a new PCV I have crossover numbers, and the old original unit on Alpines comes apart for cleaning so you should never have to have a new ever! :cool:
  8. hartmandm

    hartmandm Moderator Platinum Level Sponsor


    What parts cross references do you have for the PCV valve? I have seen mention of the SMP V100. Are there others?

  9. George Coleman

    George Coleman Gold Level Sponsor

    The V100 is one and I have another I will have to look it up in my notes, I will post it. :cool:
  10. alpiner

    alpiner Diamond Level Sponsor

    I just wanted to close this thread with a success story. After doing the vacuum leak check with carb cleaner spray, I found the 50 year old cd150 carbs were sucking air in all the wrong places. I sent the carbs to Paltech and had Jeff do a complete refurb. It took two months, but Jeff sent the carbs back to me looking like brand new. Installed the carbs last week and took the Alpine V for a test drive. The car is now running beautifully. It idles, accelerates, and runs smoother than any time I've owned the car for the past 40 years. I'm a very happy man and would strongly recommend Jeff and Paltech for anyone in need of refurbed carbs.
  11. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

    I, also have had the same experience with Jeff and paltech. Thumbs up.

    Tom j
  12. P. Scofield

    P. Scofield Bronze Level Sponsor

    While we are on this subject.....

    If I turn on the ignition on my series three but don't start the car, my coil will get SMOKIN HOT! An I mean hot! Is this normal?
    So I always have to be careful not to leave my ignition on the on position.

    I also have a Pertronics.
  13. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Paul, it's my understanding that if you leave the ignition on with the car not running the power will feed and bake the coil.
  14. P. Scofield

    P. Scofield Bronze Level Sponsor

    Yes, this seems to be a real fire danger. It's always been that way and I've never researched it. Bugs me though.
  15. Tom H

    Tom H Platinum Level Sponsor

    Pertronix is just like points in that, if the engine stops at a point of rotation where the points are closed (or the Pertronix is at a point where its output switch is closed) the coil will be getting constant 12 V power, at about 3- to 4 amps. That's about 40-50 watts. Of course it gets hot. Good idea to not have the ignition ON. If for some reason, like while troubleshooting, you needed to have the ignition ON, you could probably look at the ammeter to see if the car is drawing 3 A or so, and if so, crank it just a touch to get it off that point where the points (or Pertronix switch) are closed. If you have a Pertronix, even with the engine rotated to the non-closed position you will still have some power going to the Pertronix, but it will be so small as to barely move the needle on the ammeter.

  16. P. Scofield

    P. Scofield Bronze Level Sponsor

    Thanks Tom! That makes sense. Yes, trouble shooting while ign is in is where I have found the heat. I'll try your method.
  17. hartmandm

    hartmandm Moderator Platinum Level Sponsor

    I usually disconnect the supply to the coil if I need to do some testing with the ignition in the "on" position. It's a push on connection on the SV.

  18. Tom H

    Tom H Platinum Level Sponsor

    Mike, DUH! That's probably simpler than trying to crank the engine just a touch to hit the right spot in the rotation.

  19. hartmandm

    hartmandm Moderator Platinum Level Sponsor


    I am curious if you ever found that second PCV valve cross reference?

  20. Greggers

    Greggers SAOCA Vice President Platinum Level Sponsor

    I looked it up in his notes. He recommends the Standard Motor Products V-100 and V-115.

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