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David Vizard Mods

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by bkasl, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. bkasl

    bkasl Silver Level Sponsor

    Is someone able to fax me the content of the Vizard mods to an Alpine head? I cannot find my copy and will need in the next few weeks, or is it available to purchase? Brent
  2. Jim E

    Jim E Donation Time

    I have that information on my Alpine plus CD, can look and see if it is a small enought file to email if you would shot me an email. or I can mail you the CD or both.
  3. tfisher15

    tfisher15 Donation Time


    I'd like to buy that CD. Let me know how much and I'll send you the $.


    Todd Fisher
  4. bkasl

    bkasl Silver Level Sponsor

    email address

    Jim-email me at kasl@windstream.net.

    Thanks for the help, I hope the file is not too big to receive but try it and I will let you know right away. If possible, you may have to email me the files separately for sizing. Brent
  5. Krogp

    Krogp Donation Time

    Is this something we could put on the web site in a download section?

  6. 64beam

    64beam Donation Time

    Hi Jim,

    Is the information on the Vizard mods the 'Chrysler 1500/1725' article which has approximately 13 pages? If not, I would be interested as well.

    Regards, Robin.
  7. bkasl

    bkasl Silver Level Sponsor

    The article you referenced is about that length.

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