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Dash Lighting

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by AlpineII, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. AlpineII

    AlpineII Donation Time

    Can anyone tell me the North American bulbs used in the Alpine dash. Looking for everything from guage lighting to indicator bulbs.
  2. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    Here is a post from the old forum "

    It was Radio Shack, # 1487 bulbs, and I believe we have Paul Almjeld to thank for it. They made a difference behind my dash!

  3. Toonguy

    Toonguy Guest



    Not sure if this will help or not. I have an original 1969 Chiltons manual that came with my '67 Series V. The bulbs were all Lucas parts. The electrical section table shows as follows:

    Stop and Tail Lights: Lucas Part No. 380 (12 Volt, 21/6 Watt)
    Rear License Plate: Lucas Part No. 222 (12 Volt, 4 Watt)
    Side Lights: Lucas Part No. 382 (12 Volt, 21 Watt)
    Front and Rear Flashers: Lucas Part No. 382 (12 Volt, 21 Watt)
    Flasher Indicator (dash): Phillips 12829 (12 Volt, 2 Watt)
    Ignition Warning (dash): Phillips 12829 (12 Volt, 2 Watt)
    Oil Pressure Warning (dash): Phillips 12829 (12 Volt, 2 Watt)
    General Instrument Panel: Lucas Part No. 987 (12 Volt, 2.2 Watt)
    Interior Light: Lucas Part No. 254 (12 Volt, 6 Watt)

    It would be easier for me to just scan the whole page from the book, but I can't attach any image larger than a 97kb file in the forum.

    Good luck - John

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