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Current list of videos on The Sunbeam Alpine Channel: YouTube

Discussion in 'Featured Articles & How To's' started by Tim R, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. Tim R

    Tim R Silver Level Sponsor

    We have been asked to publish a list of all of the videos currently available on The Sunbeam Alpine Channel on YouTube. This channel can be watched on most televisions (through the YouTube App), on computer or on smartphone.
    The channel is intended to provide a free of charge video ‘workshop manual’ to assist all Alpine owners.
    Even if you choose to do the job in an entirely different way, watching the videos shows exactly which parts are involved and demonstrates a way that the job can be done.
    If you subscribe to the channel (it is free) you will be notified every time a new video is published.
    Forthcoming videos will include a ‘Buyer’s Guide’, specific videos for each Series of car, How to make an adjustable oil pressure relief valve (PRV) and how to correctly stow an early Series soft top.
    To watch any of the videos listed below, simply go to YouTube, search The Sunbeam Alpine Channel and select the videos that you want to watch from the list.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Engine Rebuild.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Gearbox & Overdrive Rebuild. Part One: The strip down.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Gearbox & Overdrive Rebuild. Part Two: Preparing the parts.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Gearbox & Overdrive Rebuild. Part Three: Gearbox Rebuild.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Gearbox and Overdrive Rebuild. Part Four: Overdrive Strip Down.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Gearbox & Overdrive Rebuild. Part Five: Rebuilding the Overdrive.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series IV & V: Front Suspension Rebuild.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Setting the Tappet Clearance.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Refurbishing the Cylinder head.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Fitting a Series V Soft Top (Part I).
    Sunbeam Alpine: Fitting a Series V Soft Top (Part II).
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Bonnet (Hood) Release Safety Wire.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Restoration (Part I - Restoring the metalwork).
    Sunbeam Alpine: Restoration (Part II - Restoring the bodywork).
    Sunbeam Alpine: Restoration: (Part III The Refit).
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Instrument refresh.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Hub Seal replacement.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Hub seal replacement Series V supplement.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Draining the Body shell.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Draining the Chassis.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Facia crash pad replacement.
    Sunbeam Alpine: (Series III-V) & Tiger: Fitting a MINI wind deflector
    Sunbeam Alpine: Torquing down the Cylinder head.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Veneer Dashboard Refurbishment.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series V: Reducing the water leaks.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: B Post Drain repair.
    Sunbeam Harrington Alpine: Racing 12/10/19.
    Sunbeam Alpine (Series III-V & Tiger): Sidelight Earth modification.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Changing the Engine Oil.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Raising the Gearing.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Fitting Timing Chest Oil Seal.
    Sunbeam Alpine (Series III-V) & Tiger: Making a Cubby box for replacement dashboard.
    Sunbeam Alpine (Series III-V & Tiger Mk I): Removing the front trim.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Replacing Front Floors.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Prop shaft, Replacing Universal Joints.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Upgrading the dashboard & interior lights.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Replacing the under-glass window lifter channels.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Improved carburettor linkage.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Steering Idler Overhaul.
    Sunbeam Alpine: & Tiger: Repairing corroded Door Fronts.Sunbeam Alpine: Refurbishing the Cylinder head.
    Sunbeam Alpine: (Series III-V) & Tiger: Fitting windscreen glass into the frame.
    Sunbeam Alpine: (Series III-V) & Tiger: Fitting the stainless windscreen trim.
    Sunbeam Alpine: (Series III-V) & Tiger: Fitting a heated front windscreen.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Rust protection over 23000 miles.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Replacing the core (freeze) plugs.
    Sunbeam Alpine (Series III-V) & Tiger: Installing an under-carpet toolbox.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Door check strap spring replacement.
    Sunbeam Alpine: (Series III-V) or Tiger: Hardtop repair.
    Sunbeam Alpine (Series III-V) & Tiger: Refitting the stainless steel hard top finishers.
    Sunbeam Alpine: (Series III-V) & Tiger: Fitting Hard Top Headlining (and rear window).
    Sunbeam Alpine: Stopping sump leaks with sliqourice.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Fitment of MGF Seats.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Automatic on a rolling road.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Wiring the car
    Sunbeam Alpine Series V & Tiger Mk I & II: Replacement Heater Control Valve
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Repairing corroded door bottoms.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series III-V & Tiger Mk I & II: Quarter Light modification.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Fitting Boot hinges, springs and support mechanism.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Replacing the windscreen wiper rack.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series III_V & Tiger: Fitting the side windows.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series IV-V & Tiger: Fitting a locking petrol cap.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Door Handles and door locks.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Replacing/Servicing the boot (trunk) lock.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series I-IV & Tiger: Hood bin (soft top enclosure) seals and adjustment.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Attaching the badges with badge tape.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series III-V: Fitting a removable Soft -Top.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Making a tool to install the door waist finisher seal.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Driving in a Series V Alpine.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series III-V & Tiger: Making a Hard Top lifting hoist.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Fitting a Soft-Top Part One (Supplemental)
    Sunbeam Alpine Series III_V & Tiger: Stripping the handbrake lever and adjusting the handbrake.
    Sunbeam Alpine Driving a Sunbeam Alpine: The Relaxation video.
    Sunbeam Alpine Series III-V: Adjusting and dismantling the Steering column.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Installing a Solar charger/battery conditioner and charging socket.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Top Down springtime drive in England.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Detaching the Front Suspension Cross member.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Overcoming stripped captive nuts in the front cross member.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Fitting the front suspension.
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Installing Hazard Warning lights.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Permanently curing steering box leaks.
    Sunbeam Alpine: Our adventures on ‘Drive it Day’ 2021
    Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Installing ‘modern’ wiring in a classic car.
    Sunbeam Alpine: MOT Day 2021
    Sunbeam Alpine Series I-IV & Tiger: Fitting a Soft top enclosure safety wire.

    This is THE channel for Alpine owners so please make use of this resource and subscribe to the channel. It is free to subscribe and by being a subscriber you will be notified every time a new video is published.

    (Note: On this channel there are also one or two videos relating to Norton Motorcycles, This is simply because we have owned a number of Nortons over the years and the videos are of interest to Norton owners.)
  2. Slainte

    Slainte Gold Level Sponsor

    Super handy. Thanks for this, as well as for the videos. Brilliant.

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