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Caroline's Project-series 1

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by ladybeamer, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    I'll have to search my brain for the name of the place I used to take the Siata. Scott was the guys name......fog in the brain. I'll remember.

    Lots of ideas on wheels. Seems the wire are nice to look at but not so nice to deal with.Steel are easy and time period appropriate-guess I'll stick with them.

    BTW-bike is out of the shop. Got a quick ride in this evening:D
  2. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    ready to seal the gas tank

    OK, I'm ready to seal the gas tank. It doesn't look too bad actually but I hear it's best to seal them. I read the article so I'm somewhat ready. I bing'd gas tank seal and there are a few out there. What experience have you guys had with different products? Kreem? Por-15? :confused:
  3. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    The Series I and II cars had single gas tanks whose interiors were terne coated (lined with a tin/lead coating). Should last forever unless they are damaged. The twin tanks on Series 3 and later were coated with a paint like product and it eventually flakes off.

  4. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    so I don't have to?

    Does that mean I don't need to coat?:D
    How wonderful. So how would I clean it to make sure it has no goo in it? It's off the car and the only rust I see is in the filler pipe. I looked as best I could in the tank with a light and it looks ok. Can I rinse it with something to make sure it's clean? Can it rust or is the original coating a good for ever type thing? if it's not broke I don't want to fix it.
  5. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    My 2 cents worth - wire wheels are not a problem. They are easy to clean, easy to service, and cause few problems.

    And nothing says LBC like wire wheels.

    Best of all, they help deter their owner from visiting hacks, morons, and charlatans of many types.

    If the *real* complaint is that your area has dumbed down, then perhaps metal wheels are best if a moving van is not available.

    Some folks honestly prefer the "look" of solid or mag wheels, that's a different story. And others may have torque/spin the hub issues from a "built" 'motor.

    All the best to their personal Sunbeam preference for solid wheels.

    Again, must my 0.02$ worth :)
  6. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    Thanks Alan. How's your little car doing? The brief time it spent on my trailer was a pleasure.
    Hopefully neither yours nor mine will HAVE to be on a trailer.:D
  7. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    The inside cannot rust. As to goo, I don't know what is available to clean the tank. The really good stuff has been outlawed. Have you noticed todays carb cleaner is about as effective as mineral spirits?

    Maybe pour a cup or so of paint thinner into it, slosh it around and see what pours out.

  8. Chuck Ingram

    Chuck Ingram Donation Time

    Base/clear coat reducer works great.I save my laquer thinner and reducer from cleaning the spray guns.Let it sit a week or so and pur off into a empty reducer can.Be sure to mark used reducer so its not used in new material
  9. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    I'll see what solvents I can put my paws on and see what happens.
    I"m glad to know I don't have to seal it, one less thing to worry about going right.
    Of course my bike is out of the shop just in time for the first hurricane to hit home.:(
  10. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    tank cleaning

    Ok, so I degreased the outside of the fuel tank and got ready to paint it. Then I decided to stick a light in the tank and take a good look. There is surface rust. I've been told to rinse it with phosphoric acid then nuetralize with baking soda. That once it has gas in, it won't rust.
    Has anyone done this? Should I wait until the car is back together and ready to fuel up?:confused:
  11. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    I *strongly* recommend you coat the inside of the tanks with a fuel-safe liner product. This will prevent rust and debris from entering the fuel system, seal any pinholes, and guarantee the tanks will be just fine for many years to come (mine are on 20 years now with this treatment). You can get good liner material from Eastwood and many other suppliers. For example, here's a kit for only $50 - cheap insurance at that rate.


    Just because a tank has gas in it, this will not prevent it from rusting - indeed, even with the special coating of the Series I and II cars, you can still see 'surface rust' starting to form. And remember, for every bit of gas that goes out of the tank through use, exactly the same amount of air goes in... and that air has moisture in it... and it will cling to the inside of the tank, and it builds up over time, particularly in cars that tend to sit a bit like our classics that aren't driven every day. Over time this will kill a tank. Spend the bucks... it's worth it.
  12. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    So it's ok to coat the seriesI tank? I thought I couldn't / didn't need to. I had planned to coat them then heard the SI didn't need it. I'll check into the best method. I found a place on line that sand blasts, coats and bakes the coating on. Does anyone know anything about that service?
  13. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    Your tank should not need coating, but then it should not be rusting. I second Kevin's recommendation.

  14. Alpine Addict

    Alpine Addict Platinum Donor Diamond Level Sponsor

    The inside of my series 2 tank had rust in in it. This could be seen by looking inside the hole where the fuel gauge sendor sits. This tank also needed some rust repair.

    Also be very careful with the screws that hold the fuel gauge sendor to the tank as these are hard to find.

    I would clean and seal the tank. I believe a radiator shop can do this. It is also possible to buy kits to do it yourself
  15. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    zenith carbs

    Ok, the engine will start:)
    but both carbs are flooding:(. Took them apart, no rust but looks to have calcification of lead -for lack of a better term.
    Looks like the PO used tape for gasket in areas:eek:.
    Questions-whats the best source for needles, seats and gaskets for the zenith WIP carbs with screen filters?:confused:
    Are the screen filters good or should I replace them? Seems like a lot of dirt can get through them.
  16. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

  17. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    good news,1/2 good anyway, clutch works :) but hydraulic sluggish:(, exhaust is connected, not sealed yet, engine runs very quiet, rear tires off the floor, goes in all gears:), all quiet but reverse-whines some:(. Rear brakes dragging bad, had to revup engine to go, speed-o-meter works, tach also, I think amp gauge moved a little too.
  18. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    Hi Lady Beamer,
    I have a very nice, freshly re-chromed windshield frame for a Series I in concours condition. I bought it thinking that it would fit a Series II, but it didn't. I'm willing to let it go for what I paid for it. You can email or PM me anytime.
    Sounds like you are close to getting your car on the road. That will be one of the neatest feelings, "Look, I did this and it works" WOW.
  19. ladybeamer

    ladybeamer Donation Time

    It runs!!!!

    IT RUNS!!! IT GOES!!!!:D
    It went for a drive around the yard today!:D
    Rear brakes are tight, of course all brakes needs work. But it runs!!!
    rear carb flooded again, the PO removed the butterfly's from each one:confused: Does anyone have Dual, Zenith WIP carbs in good shape they'd like to part with? or have bits and pieces in good shape?
    It's so cool have it actually move!!:p
  20. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    I have a pair of 'runners' I bought when I thought mine had died, PM if interested...


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