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British Car Invasion 2009 at the CMP

Discussion in 'Greater Atlanta Chapter' started by sammaw@bellsout, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. sammaw@bellsout

    sammaw@bellsout Silver Level Sponsor

    Just checking if anyone was planning to head to the Carolina Motorsports Park for the british car day this Saturday? Here is a copy of posting with info if you are not aware of it. This Was originally posted by Hap Waldrop on the MG Experience forum.

    "Folks it time to take your cars to the track again, Saturday November 14th, at Carolina Motorsports Park, we get to take our cars onto the 2 mile road course at CMP and have a little fun. here's the deal, it doesn't cost a dime (yep it's 100% FREE), On the 14th CMP will be having one of it's Pametto Motorsports/Turn 1 school days, and on the lunch break aprox 12:00noon-1:00pm we get to go on track for two spritied sessions, yes this is not a parade session, you get to squeal your tires, slide around a bit (Don't do a David Maples, he spun his Midget out last year ) , you drive at your own pace, if you want to take it easy, fine, and if you want to go bit more agressive thats fine too. We will have one of CMP driving instructors pacing the fleld but they will run you at a very spiritied pace, you cats who go fast (you know who you are) get towards the front of the line, you who want to take it easy get towads the rear. If you never got your LBC on real race track then you have not expereinced the real fun you can have in one of these cars in such a enviroment , just imagine, all one way traffic, you get to use the whole road to take a corner,and no one coming around the next corner towads you. Add to this that CMP is great technical road course, an a wonderful facilty and it's about about much fun as you can have when your clothes still on.

    Last year we did a "kinda" car show, but this event is more about driving your cars, not waxing or dusting on your car, so I'm not messing with the show aspect of it this year, just come to have fun behind the wheel and do some serious bench racing, and under hood looking.

    Last year we had rain everywhere around us, except at CMP, so the 15 or so folks that showed up, got a real treat, I'd like to see more LBC there this year. There's no catch to this, except CMP making you folks aware of their place and showing it off to you, we South Carolians are quite proud of the place, so bring your LBC and come play.

    They do charge, I think it is $5 dollars, to get in the gate for anyone spectating, but that is the only fee you'll pay for this. There is a wet skid pad there that can be rented out if anyone is interested.

    For more information about CMP, visit their website [www.carolinamotorsportspark.com]

    For any questions about the Birtish Invasion at CMP email me or call, all my information is on the bleow linked website.

    Hap Waldrop
    Acme Speed Shop
    Greenville, SC
    Performance/Race Engines, Heads, engine component work
    Superlite Wheels
    SU carb rebuilding
    T9 5 speed conversion kits
    Quality engine rebuilding parts kits MGB/Spridget
  2. alpine1963

    alpine1963 Donation Time

    Hey Sam,

    Our local club is going to the event. Eric Gibeaut is leading the convoy up there on Saturday morning. Not sure how many though. Last year Eric had his Mini there and said it was a ton of fun!

  3. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    Sam-bring your Alpine and break-in the engine on the track!! See you there?
    We had a great time last year. Eric
  4. sammaw@bellsout

    sammaw@bellsout Silver Level Sponsor

    What a beautiful day at CMP. Eric and I got to play cat and mouse on a great racetrack, fast as you wanted (dared) to go. Great rush for us that don't race. Man, it is different from street driviing where you slow to anticipate the next corner or curve, here you hammer to the last second, slam on the brakes, down shift and hit it again hard. I needed three hands, two on the wheel and one on the gears.

    I would say if you live within driving distance you should do this next year.

    Sam (Mitty) Maw

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