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Battery size

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by jack Bacon, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. jack Bacon

    jack Bacon Gold Level Sponsor

    What's the proper size and best battery for my Series V Alpine? The Interstate Battery site shows two different batteries.

    Thanks Jack
  2. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    Group 24 . Their are a couple Cold Cranking Amp ratings available
  3. jack Bacon

    jack Bacon Gold Level Sponsor

  4. rixter

    rixter Platinum Level Sponsor

    By chance, I am needing a new battery and the one presently in the car is not a group 24. I did some battery look ups and see group 24 is the correct group, but I have a question about the terminal locations. I couldn't find a photo of a battery installed in a battery box on the forum although I can't believe none were ever posted. Is the standard placement of the terminal posts toward the rear of the vehicle with the positive terminal toward the driver side (LHD) of the vehicle? The below image is an Interstate group 24 battery from online. If I am correct, this battery would go in the battery box with the Interstate label facing the front of the vehicle so as not to be crossing wires.

    Thank you

    24 battery.jpg
  5. jack Bacon

    jack Bacon Gold Level Sponsor

    I am ordering my battery tomorrow, my son's shop does not stock it. I won't t get get my car out of storage for a couple of weeks, I can let you know at that time.

  6. rixter

    rixter Platinum Level Sponsor

    I took my car out today to get gas and it was a little sluggish on turn over. Turned a little slower after getting gas. Voltmeter showed the system had good voltage. Put battery on charger and it showed 100% with cables disconnected. Checked again in one hour... 90%. Charged it up and checked again later... 85%. So not holding a charge with nothing connected. Load tested it and it showed weak. Perhaps I could have avoiding all this testing by realizing the battery is 8 1/2 years old. Argh!
  7. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    I assume you're talking about the white Alpine.
  8. jack Bacon

    jack Bacon Gold Level Sponsor

    Yes, the battery in the car also had side terminals with duct tape over them. So, it needs the correct battery.

  9. Jimjordan2

    Jimjordan2 Gold Level Sponsor

    And while you're at it, maybe Warren still has that Battery hold down?
  10. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    My Alpines have the ground (-) on the inner side toward the center of the vehicle and the positive (+) on the outer side toward the passenger side.
  11. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    The cable feeding the starter exits thru the opening in the side of the battery box at the center of the car. The other cable is connected to the outside wall of the battery box. The Alpines prior to series 5 were positive ground. That means the positive post would be the cable hooked to the outside and the cable at the center going to the starter would be the negative post. It sounds like you have a positive ground set up.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2020 at 9:20 AM
  12. rixter

    rixter Platinum Level Sponsor

    The reason I was asking about the location of the terminal posts on a group 24 battery and was seeking a photo of a correct/standard set up was that it seemed logical to me that the terminal posts would be on the front side of the battery top... making the connection of especially the feed to the starter most direct. The grommeted hole is in the right near corner I've attached a photo of my current set up, which I've concluded is not standard. I already know the battery is not the standard group size and I've ordered a group 24 now that this battery is weak and ready for replacement. A group 24 will have the terminal posts toward the rear, which will necessitate a bend in the cable (POS in the case of my S5). It just seems the less bending of this cable there at that point would make more sense. But I am sure it will work OK.

  13. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor

    The negative cable you have now is bolted to the opposite side of the battery box from where they were originally. You can hook it up using what you have now.
  14. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

  15. Warren

    Warren Silver Level Sponsor

    It's easy to get R or L terminal .
    Still have the battery hold down. Maybe it's needed to keep a battery from slopping around in there. I know it really bugs me when the false floor and the Tiger goes paluuuuump over every speed bump.
    Thanks Jim,
  16. hartmandm

    hartmandm Moderator Platinum Level Sponsor


    My series V setup is the same as you described. I guess it isn't stock based on commentary? Maybe an improvement over original, since it allows for standard group 24 batteries to be used.


  17. rixter

    rixter Platinum Level Sponsor

    Ok... that is interesting. Just have to make sure my POS wire extends over the battery that far.

  18. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Mike, Having not given it much thought til now, I thought it was factory, because three of my Alpines were configured that way!

    Rixter, I don't believe you need to lengthen your stock cable..... it should connect as is, just straighten the kinks :)
  19. loose_electron

    loose_electron Gold Level Sponsor

    I would put the battery shutoff switch you got there on the positive terminal, not the ground. Killing power by opening a ground path is generally not the best practice.
  20. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Rick, I took another look at your picture of the battery.....In the PIC below I circled the (+) post that looks like a very possible fire hazard that could burn your Alpine to an unrecognizable state.

    Test PIC of POST P1150600r.jpg

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