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Atlanta chapter needed

Discussion in 'Greater Atlanta Chapter' started by SIVAllan, May 13, 2010.

  1. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    Folks - biggest Brit car show in Georgia is this weekend but I have heard zero from other 'beamers in Georgia - we need to form an Atlanta area chapter to focus on getting Sunbeams to these events.

    See you there - if you are going...


    Annual British Motorcar Day at Berry College, Rome, Georgia Annual British Motorcar Day at Berry College, Rome, Georgia



    Make plans now to attend The TWENTY- SEVENTH Annual British Motorcar Day at Berry College
    Rome, Georgia
    May 15th, 2010! ​

  2. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    You already have one, but you don't come when we have events. :confused: :(
  3. britbeam

    britbeam Gold Level Sponsor

    Due to prior plans I wont be at the British Motorcar day and at this point the Alpine is still going back together. Hope to see all of you next time.
    Dwain V6 Krazy
  4. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    I'll be there. Plan to pick up the red Alpine on the way to Rome around noon Friday. See all y'all Saturday. :)
  5. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    That is somewhere between a stretch and inaccurate.
  6. sd_pace

    sd_pace Gold Level Sponsor

    I cant make it this year ... one of my boys is graduating on that day...
  7. sammaw@bellsout

    sammaw@bellsout Silver Level Sponsor

    How did the Rome show go?
  8. SIVAllan

    SIVAllan Donation Time

    The show was super! The sky threatened rain but the cars came anyway.

    The Berry Collage campus is huge and almost all green-space with the show being held each year in a beautiful field. It's quite a sight to see :) I don't know the total cars present but perhaps a few hundred, divided by Marque.

    In the Sunbeam Section we had a small but quality showing of later Alpines plus a couple of perfect Minxes and several Tigers, including a very original Tiger II still in factory paint.
  9. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    There were over 400 cars yesterday. The two Minx's were one red and one white, the 4 Tigers were all red, and the three Alpines, 2 were red and then there was the "Airpine". You could call it red or green, or black, or, well all you all know what colors it is. How about that for grammer? Of the Alpines, one was from Atlanta, one was from Marietta and one was from Warner Robins, where were all the Sunbeams???:)
  10. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

    Unfortunately, as I said before I had a previous commitment that I couldn't get out of, but on top of that the Gas Company decided I needed to move the meter and they are only responsible for the supply to the meter if I want gas into the house that's MY problem..... other that that I would rather have been at Berry College. I'd also really like to attend the Greenville show but that ones not in the cards either. Heading to South Flordia...
    So that's why I didn't show up. :mad:
  11. britbeam

    britbeam Gold Level Sponsor

    Well there are many things in Life I enjoy one of them is British cars and the list goes on. This time a prior commitment found me camped out next to small trout stream in the Nantahala Wilderness after a 5 mile hike in to it with another 6 down from Standing Indian mountain the next day. Sometimes I need solitude and it was great. Just put the Alpine back on the floor and hopefully later today will slip the new distributor . If everything else is good she should be running.I Did miss you guys but the turnout kinda reminded me of the years when the show at Townsend had so few Sunbeams the judge didnt want to allow a class for them. We cant always be there but glad some can.
    Enjoy all Life has for you
    Dwain V6 Krazy
  12. britbeam

    britbeam Gold Level Sponsor

    Allan I like your paint job. It just says fun and Good Times. I remember coming back from the Invasion and seeing you run at speed down the Interstate. Twice we met up on the road. I think you need to take detailed pictures so you can repaint it the same. I like the fact that you have put your time and money spent on building a dependable "Alpine Runner".
    Drive on my friend
    Dwain V6 Krazy

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