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Alpine Towing capacity

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by Sunbeam Canada, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Sunbeam Canada

    Sunbeam Canada Donation Time

    Anyone know the towing capacity of a stock Alpine V?

    If so, what would the maximum tow weight be?

    I am curious to know if it is capable of towing an Imp.

    If you have photos of the trailer hitch, that would be appreicated.
  2. sunbeam74

    sunbeam74 Silver Level Sponsor


    I had to smile when I saw your post.

    I have no experience towing with the Alpine but the first thing that popped in to my mind was, "somebody is feeling My-T brave!" The next thing was, "I wonder how much an IMP can tow - just in case". Then, "Better put a tow hitch on the Imp, too" :)

    Flat-towing a car is unusual but I am sure there is some rule of thumb that you can find on-line.

  3. Sunbeam Canada

    Sunbeam Canada Donation Time

    Hi Steve,

    I just thought I throw it out there....:D

    I know that it may not be feasible but I am an optimist.
  4. RootesRooter

    RootesRooter Platinum Level Sponsor

    When I used to be a subscriber to SAOC's "The Horn," I remember many photos of their big annual Alpine convention where a number of Alpines were towing small camping trailers.

    The Alpine being a relatively light car with a short wheelbase, I don't think I would want to pull anything too heavy.
  5. beamS3

    beamS3 Donation Time

    As previously mentioned the SAOC have several members using towing arrangements. Ohan - check section O24 - 25 of their "The Alpine Guide" showing how to "Construct Your Own Towbar". Andy Goldsmith was one of the authors and mentions towing campers and "a fairly heavy trailer tent" he also states: "I feel the Alpine makes a marvelous towing car". Short hauls of an Imp should be no problem IMHO.

    Good luck
  6. v13311

    v13311 Silver Level Sponsor

    Ohan, Did you buy that Imp that was advertised on Craigslist in S. Seattle?

    Great vehicle for Targa 2008 if you did!

  7. sunbeam74

    sunbeam74 Silver Level Sponsor


    You probably could tow for short distances - but be aware that the IMP weighs about 750kg (1600lbs) - and it doesn't have braking assistance.

    There would be two things I would be concerned with:
    1) Brake performance

    2) Clutch performance.

    I suspect you'd nearing the max for both. (Most trailers over 2000lbs have separate brakes - state laws in many states require this - it just depends).
    I do a lot of towing 5000lbs trailers and more and in the wet in the hills it can get difficult.

    So, just be aware of the terrain and distance you are covering.

    (On the other hand... Tiger Tom tows a Tigere with his Tiger.)

  8. Chuck Ingram

    Chuck Ingram Donation Time

    he also pulls a trailer with a car on it with the Tiger.Tom went over everything and then some when he was making it able to tow a trailer.
  9. Chuck Ingram

    Chuck Ingram Donation Time

    You would need at least one of those tow dollies that have the front wheels of the towed car on it.
    Also you need to make sure the attaching area on the car for the hitch is very solid.You cannot have a bumper hitch in any shape or form period on the Alpine
  10. husky drvr

    husky drvr Gold Level Sponsor


    WSM.145 ( work shop manual for 1725 Series V Alpine ) General Data section has an entry for towing capacity:

    "Towing capacity ( All models, excluding Alpine ) ... 17cwt. ( 864 kg. )"

    The earlier WSM.124 has an entry for Rapiers but none for Alpines.


    Seems like Rootes either did not think towing with an Alpine was a good idea or didn't care how much could be towed if it could be hitched for towing.


    Just something to think about,
  11. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    towing with an alpine

    i had receiver hitches injstalled on my series 4 and also on one of our series 5's .on both cars we welded 3" C channel across the frame rails just behind the rear axle where the rails turn back and also in front of where the gas line comes out.then we welded another 3" C channel down the center.we then used 1.5 inch square box tubing and welded it to the center C channel to make the receiver for the hitch head.we made a hitch that comes out past the bumper and turns up to give me an 18" ball height.i pulled a TIME OUT pop up camping trailer all over the eastern U.S. for many years with no problems.i do have air shocks on the rear of both cars to help with rear end stability.when the hitch head is off,i have an adapter that goes into the hitch that holds my rear license plate.never gave me a problem at all.
  12. Jeff Scoville

    Jeff Scoville Donation Time

    Paul from accross the pond used to tow an Alpine on a car trailer with his Alpine.
    I remember seeing pictures posted of it on one of the old boards.
    I would think it mostly depends upon the "pulling" Alpine.

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